Fly Direct to Lapland on our Exclusive Charter Flights


Come fly with us! Each winter Transun operates charter flights direct to Lapland from the UK. We are pleased to offer the widest selection of departure airports from the UK to Lapland – more than any other operator. Our charter flights are exclusive to Transun and operate directly to Enontekio Airport in Finland. Enontekio is a very small airport, so guests benefit from a fast and efficient service when landing and boarding; there isn’t even a luggage carousel – your bags are brought straight from the aircraft to your transfer! Flying direct can remove the stresses and hassles of long stopovers or making connecting flights in Helsinki or Stockholm. The resort of Karesuando is just a 50-minute transfer from Enontekio Airport, and Kilpisjarvi is approximately 2 hours. On this page, you can search for flights from one or more airports near you.


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