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Thermal suits and boots

Lapland? In a day? And back in time for supper?

Exceptionality is the basis of all adventures. Journeying to a new place and living the stories to be told is all part of the fun - and a Winter Wonderland day trip to Lapland is certainly exceptional: it’s a family adventure for the festive period.

From the moment the early morning alarm clock rings, there is great anticipation: a trip to Lapland to visit the REAL Father Christmas is no ordinary day! After descending from the clouds and seeing the sprawling snow-capped vastness of Lapland below, the excitement continues to build. This is a land of jolly snowball fights, perfect snow angels, and spritely tobogganing – and who can wait to get going?!

Of course, no trip to Lapland would be complete without calling in on Santa himself – you’ve travelled a long way to see him. Don’t forget to bring a letter, he’d love to know what’s on your Christmas wish list! But it’s not time to head home yet, not without trying your hand at the winter experiences that Lapland is famous for: husky sledding, snowmobiling, and a reindeer sleigh ride are all waiting to be sampled!

What an adventure! What memories! What fun!

For overnight stays in Lapland during the countdown to Christmas, you may like to consider our Snow is Falling holiday, or our Wonderful Christmas Time holiday for stays during the festive period itself.

What's Included

  • Return flights with hot meals onboard
  • Private family meeting with Santa
  • Small gift for children from Santa
  • Taster husky experience
  • Taster snowmobile adventure
  • Taster reindeer sleigh ride
  • Warming lunch
  • Loan of thermal suit and boots
  • Government air passenger duty

What we love

  • Fitting so many winter activities into one day!
  • Seeing the children’s faces when they meet the REAL Santa
  • Spending quality family time surrounded by the magical Arctic wilderness

Departing From

Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Teesside International, Exeter, Glasgow, Humberside, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, London Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich

Suitable For

Families, Groups

Included Activities

Our one-day Winter Wonderland trips run throughout December until Christmas Eve, with convenient departures from regional airports across the UK, from as far north as Aberdeen, to as far south as Exeter – making Lapland easily accessible to all.

Upon arrival in Lapland, you’ll be taken to collect your all-in-one thermal snow suits and winter boots – essential to keep warm in the Arctic climate, where temperatures can drop to a chilly -30C! And then, into the crisp snowscapes which Lapland is famed for.

All of our Winter Wonderland day trips take place in uncommercial, wilderness locations, unspoiled by mass-market tourism or crowds of Santa pilgrims. It’s an outdoors day, filled with Lapland’s favourite activities: snowmobiling, husky sledding, and a reindeer sleigh ride. Activities take place around a frozen river or a frozen lake – your base from which to set off on a search for Santa!

A warming lunch is included, and provides much needed energy for more playing in the snow. Hot inflight meals on both flights are also included, usually a breakfast on the outbound flight and a dinner on the return to the UK.

Family Meeting With Santa

Duration: Variable

You’ve travelled a long way to see him! Every family has a private meting with Santa, where you can tell him of your Christmas wish list!


Duration: Taster Session

Dash through the snow on a snowmobile – propelled by engine and excitement! A driving licence is required for drivers; children are pulled in a sled.

Husky Sledding

Duration: Taster Session

Glide through the snow on a sled pulled by an eager team of huskies. Each family shares a sled, led by your newest four-legged friends!

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Duration: Taster Session

A gentle, peaceful ride, meandering through crunched paths of pristine snow in a sleigh led by Santa’s faithful reindeer!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deposit?

To confirm the holiday, the deposit is £200 per person. The final balance is due ten weeks before departure, though these terms may differ if you have booked through a travel agent.

Is the day trip suitable for infants?

The majority of the day is spent outdoors in the snow and temperatures can plummet to -40c. Given the extremely cold weather conditions, we generally do not recommend the day trip for infants under the age of 2 since children feel the cold most.

What happens if there is a delay on the flight?

If there is a delay leaving the UK on the outbound flight, we will endeavour to delay the return inbound flight by the same duration, so you do not lose time in resort. A delay of the return flight is at the discretion of the operating captain and cannot always be guaranteed. If the delay to the outbound flight is likely to exceed three hours, it may be necessary to cancel the departure since we may not be able to provide a full day’s activities in resort, but such an occurrence is very rare.

What currency should I take?

The currency in Finland is the Euro. Many establishments in Nordic countries will not accept cash and only accept payment by debit or credit card. Please note that additional drinks throughout the day are not included.

What should I wear?

Temperatures can reach as low as -40c in the winter and so it is imperative that you bring adequate clothing for the weather. We provide a thermal all-in-one snow suit and snow boots on arrival in Lapland, but you should wear multiple under layers and bring hats, scarves and gloves (and plenty of pairs of socks!) We give further details of what to wear in our brochure and in the pre-departure booklet in the My Booking section of our website.

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* Please note: All snowmobile activities carry a €980.00 damage deposit which is payable locally. The driver of the snowmobile must be at least 18 years old and be in possession of a valid driving licence.