Winter Holidays as You Always Wished They Could Be

Europe's last unspoiled wilderness awaits

Set on the official Northern Lights route, where Nature's fabled Aurora Borealis frequently grace the night sky, your destination lies deep inside the Arctic Cirle - a region of unspoiled beauty, steeped in myths and legends, the land of the Sámi, Europe's only aboriginal people.

Here, you'll discover ancient fells and silent forests, the still trees under a heavy burden of snow, where the air you breathe is believed to be the cleanest in the world.

And here too you will discover a host of winter activities and experiences that will leave you exhilarated, recharged and eager to return.

From husky sleds to snowmobiles, cross country skiing to Northern Lights safaris, from a night in an igloo to a hot tub beneath the stars, these are teh winder holidays as you always wished they could be.

  • Traditional hotels located on the official Northern Lights route - Exclusive to Transun
  • Arctic specialists for over 30 years
  • We will take you to locations away from light pollution to maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights

Tours available in Arctic Spirit

Aurora Hunter

Swedish Lapland

Search for the fabled Aurora Borealis on this week-long break deep inside the Arctic Circle

7 nights from £1149 per adult

Husky Sled Adventurer

Swedish Lapland

A short break for those who can’t get enough of mushing their own team of eager husky dogs

3 or 4 nights from £859 per adult

Northern Lights

Swedish Lapland - Finnish Lapland

Search for the spectacular Northern Lights in Lapland and enjoy a host of winter activities

3 or 4 nights from £799 per adult

Simply Arctic

Swedish Lapland

A simple Arctic break including just the essentials - add excursions to create your own trip

3, 4 or 7 nights from £599 per adult

Snowmobile Voyager

Swedish Lapland

A short break for those who can't get enough of snowmobiling through Lapland

3 or 4 nights from £859 per adult

Festive Lights

Finnish Lapland - Swedish Lapland

Combine nature’s most extraordinary Northern Lights show with the jollity of the festive period

3 or 4 nights from £869 per adult

Lapland Locations

In the far north of Finnish Lapland, the small and quiet village of Hetta is nestled away amidst miles of forested snowscapes set alongside dramatic Lake Ounasjärvi. The vast wilderness expanses of this region have long been traversed by nomadic Sámi tribes, the indigenous local people; and many Sámi families are still resident among the local community. The village has an interesting museum that depicts the time-honoured Sámi way of life and a beautiful church, with a distinctive, slender belltower. We offer a range of accommodation options in Hetta to suit your requirements. 

A quaint little Lappish village perched on the banks of a frozen river, deep inside the Arctic Circle, Karesuando provides a tranquil, picturesque and unspoiled backdrop for your Arctic activities. The main village sits on the Swedish side of the river Muonio, home to the Arctic Star hotel whilst the warm and welcoming Davvi Arctic Lodge is situated on a fellside just into Finland. The village has an attractive church - the most northerly in Sweden - as well as a handful of local shops and amenities.

How the Arctic Winter unfolds

Winter in True Lapland spans six months of the year and as the season unfolds there are different reasons to experience a winter break deep inside the Arctic Circle. Here is our guide to the best times to enjoy your Arctic Spirit break.


  • This month marks the true beginning of an Arctic winter, with the year's first falls of virgin snow once more blanketing the landscape.
  • Local insight: November is the beginning of the best period each year to see the Northern Lights as it becomes colder and darker.


  • You do not need to visit Santa to enjoy an Arctic Spirit break in December. But the increased number of flights this month means there is a wide choice of departures available.
  • If your break takes in the Christmas or New Year holidays, special celebrations will be included to mark the occasions.
  • Now is the time to really experience the long polar nights, with 22 hours of darkness and the sun never quite managing to rise above the horizon.
  • Local insight: The Sámi farmers are hard at work this month corralling their reindeer herds to see them through the winder.


  • The vast Arctic wilderness makes a perfect antidote to the rush and crowds of the Christmas period
  • If the weather is kind, you can experience polar blue skies amid the intense cold, while the Northern Lights still blaze frequently overhead
  • Local insight: This is the month that Tromso, Norway's cool capital of the North, stages its annual international film festival


  • For families wanting to experience an Arctic Spirit winter break, the half-term holiday provides a perfect opportunity.
  • For hopeless romantics, why not give your loved one the perfect Valentine's day, perhaps even experiencing the Northern Lights beneath the Arctic skies. No moment could more eloquently say 'I Love You'.
  • The snow remains deep and the days icy cold.
  • Local insight: Finland's Sámi national day also falls in this month.


  • A wonderful month for an Arctic Spirit break. The deepest snows of the winter, combined with longer daylight hours and more moderate temperatures.
  • March is the best month for the healthy and exhilarating sport of cross-country skiing. Indeed, people from all around Scandinavia flock to the region to take to their skis amid the cleanest air in the world.
  • This is the best month too for those who would like to try an overnight Arctic adventure, thanks to the long days and warmer temperatures.
  • Many people consider March to be the best month for spotting the Northern Lights.
  • Local insight: Each year in March, a Sámi Festival is staged in the nearby village of Hetta.
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Northern Lights (%)

Where We Fly From

Transun are proud to offer the widest selection of departure airports from the UK to Lapland - more than any other tour operator. We operate the only direct flights into Kiruna from a variety of UK regional airports. Our direct charter service, exclusive to Transun, operates to Enontekio Airport in the far north of Finland during November and December, and to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland between January and March. We fly from 14 UK airports, making it easier for you to reach Lapland from your local airport departure point. Our flights are operated by a number of charter airlines and include hot in-flight meals when flying to Enontekio. 

Departures available from:

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