Northern Lights Breaks from the Channel Islands - New for 2021!

Fly to the Arctic Circle from Jersey in winter 2021 on one of our exclusive charters. Go in search of the Northern Lights and drive snowmobiles, mush husky sleds, and ride reindeer sleighs across Lapland's Arctic tundra.

Flying from Jersey Airport

Car Parking

There are two public car parks at Jersey Airport. The long stay car park is located opposite the Departures Terminal and another one is located immediately in front of the Arrivals Terminal. Both car parks provide designated parking spaces for disabled drivers.

Pick Up and Drop Off

A passenger drop off zone is available immediately in front of the Departures Terminal. Cars must not park in this location for any length of time as they may incur a fine. An area alongside the approach road to the Departures Terminal has been designated for use as a drop off/pick up zone, with a maximum wait of 10 minutes.