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2 nights


Thermal suits and boots


From £1049


Davvi Arctic Lodge, Lomakyla, Majatalo


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Thermal suits and boots

When you first set foot in Lapland, it really is like walking into a scene from a Christmas card. There are blankets of snow as far as you can see. You’re surrounded by forests of snow-laden Christmas trees. And we’ll add to the magic when you and your family set off in search of Santa’s hideaway log cabin. Our two-night breaks in Lapland in the weeks leading up to Christmas are packed with more than even this: you’ll enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride, be pulled through the snow by a team of eager huskies, venture into the pristine landscape by snowmobile, and there’s all sorts of fun in the snow for your kids. We recommend bringing a camera because there are scenes here you’re going to want to capture forever!

What's included

  • 40-minute Husky Experience
  • 40-minute Snowmobile Adventure
  • Reindeer sleigh ride
  • Private family meeting with Santa
  • Gift for children
  • Two nights full board accommodation
  • Snow activities: eg tobogganing (deposit payable)
  • Festive Dinner

What we love

  • The look of wonder on the children’s faces as Santa welcomes them to his cabin.
  • The barking of the team of huskies lets you know they’re ready to go.

Departing From

Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Stansted

Suitable For

Families, Groups

Included Activities

It is an experience that will live in their memories forever. The setting is a winter wonderland, on the edge of Europe's last great wilderness. It's magical, of course ... why else would Santa make his home here? You start out on snowmobiles, then in the quiet forest, you transfer to a reindeer sleigh. Then suddenly, you glimpse a golden glow from a lonely log cabin! Is this Santa's secret hideaway? Will you dare knock and enter?
Your search for Santa is the highlight of your two-night break with Transun. But there is so much more included. From a Husky Experience to a Snowmobile Adventure, from sledging to a Festive Dinner, your short break is filled with memorable experiences.



Optional Excursions & Extras

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing do I need?

We provide you with an all-in-one thermal suit and boots on arrival on all of our trips. It is also essential that you bring a warm hat, scarf and gloves. We recommend that you visit the mybooking area of the Transun website ( for further details regarding clothing. In the case of thermal suits, please note that exceptional sizes may not be available. Those needing thermal suits outside the usual children’s sizes and adult small/medium/ large range are recommended to buy their own, before travelling. Minimum child sizes: 90cm suit and 25/26 boots. Maximum adult sizes: 48” chest and 47/48 boots. The following guidelines are, in our opinion, a minimum requirement to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment during your tour: • Layer One: Thermal underwear or long-sleeved top and leggings, woollen tights, socks. • Layer Two: Fleece or jumper and trousers (cotton or fleece i.e. jogging bottoms), woollen socks. • Top Layer: Balaclava, hat, scarf, all-in-one suit (provided), gloves or mittens, boots (provided). When choosing your clothing, we recommend you: • Take lots of extra gloves, socks and scarves. • Wear lots of thin loose fitting layers so you can add or remove layers as required. • Avoid denim and other restrictive clothing, the best insulation is provided from wool. • Select a hat similar to a balaclava or one that has flaps that can be fastened to cover your ears. • Wear thermal boots too big which allows for extra socks. • Wear a pair of thin gloves under a thicker pair. • Use hot pads, which you insert into your gloves and boots, and provides useful protection against the cold. • Avoid water-based creams or balms on your face, lips and hands. • The temperature can drop rapidly so always ensure you have hats, scarves and gloves with you. • If your hands or feet get wet whilst on activities, change into a dry pair of socks/gloves. • Mittens are better than gloves as they allow warm air to circulate between your fingers.

What happens if my day break flight is delayed?

If this were to happen on your outbound day break flight, then every effort would be made to ensure that the delay time was made up by a later return departure time from Lapland. Once the day break flight is delayed by more than three hours, it is likely that the whole trip will be cancelled and you will be offered an alternative trip or a full refund of monies paid to us. In the event that the delay is less than three hours and the flight takes off, every effort will be made to deliver the programme as planned but it may be necessary to reduce the time spent on the activities or on occasions to omit some of them. Please note that no compensation will be paid in these circumstances. In the event that your aircraft is diverted due to weather conditions at your destination airport we will endeavour to replicate to the greatest extent possible the programme you would have received. Where this happens no refunds will be due. If no arrangements can be made you will receive a full refund minus a deduction for the airfare.

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Mon-Fri 9am-6pm & Sat 9am-3pm
from £1049 per adult

* Please note: All snowmobile activities carry a €980.00 damage deposit which is payable locally. The driver of the snowmobile must be at least 18 years old and be in possession of a valid driving licence.