Winter holidays as you always wished they could be

Your experience starts here

Life is there to be lived, so make sure you enjoy some of the planet's greatest experiences. Witness the fabled Aurora Borealis on a Northern Lights holiday; 'mush' your own team of huskies or drive a snowmobile through the Arctic tundra; or learn the secrets of Sami reindeer herding on one of our short breaks.

As our world changes around us, opportunities like these may not last forever. But with transun, you can experience them now and keep memories that will last for a lifetime.

The Reindeer of Lapland

A journey to the land of the reindeer

See the Northern Lights

Journey deep within the Arctic Circle for a chance to see the Northern Lights

Visit Santa in Lapland

Visit Santa Claus this Christmas in his time-honoured home

Ski and Snowshoe

Two time-old ways of traversing across the deep snow to try on holiday

Glass Cabins

Venture Inside to see the Northern Lights

Real Snow Igloos

Insulated from the Arctic night, a stay in an igloo proves surprisingly cosy and snug!


Navigate the fells and plains of the Arctic driven by the power of the snowmobile

Husky Sledding

Exhilirating journeys through the Lapland tundra, led by man's best friend

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm & Sat 9am-3pm