Two exciting excursions for you to try on holiday

Skiing and snowshoeing through the Arctic snowscapes

When visitors think of a holiday in Lapland, images of Father Christmas, husky-sledding and Northern Lights spring to mind. This region was made for cross-county skiing and snowshoeing too, however. The snow is pristine, you’ll find fewer crowds than mainland Europe’s big resorts and the snowscapes are stunning. Both sports are a great way to travel at your own speed and getting to see Lapland at its finest. 

Cross-country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, is a great way to explore your local surroundings on holiday. A good sense of balance is required for cross-country skiing so if you’re looking for a simpler activity, snowshoeing is ideal. All you need is a little snow to start exploring. The snowshoes do take a bit of getting used to but overall, the sport is fun, calm and a simple way to soak up Lapland's wilderness.

Our 4-night Northern Lights tour and 7-night Aurora Hunter tour include a Snowshoe Introduction as part of the package. We also offer dedicated snowshoeing or cross-country skiing excursions which can be added to any of the tours in our Arctic Spirit holiday collection too - why not take a short night-time trek to a beautiful vantage point where you will hopefully see the Northern Lights?

Cross-country skiing technique

There are two main techniques or ‘styles’ in cross-country skiing: skate and classic. ‘Skate’ skiing, which only came about in the 1970s, is similar to ice-skating and involves each ski moving simultaneously, the skis forming a V. In ‘classic’ cross-country skiing, the skis run parallel - broadly similar to walking. It is the latter technique that our excursions follow as beginners will enjoy their experience more trying classic skiing. Even if you are a keen downhill skier, the equipment and techniques are different (Diagonal Stride, Double Pole and Kick Double Pole) so you’ll have chance to get to grips with the skiing style before heading out into bumpier terrain. You’ll also need a basic level of fitness before hitting the slopes - the more active you are, the more you’ll enjoy your holiday experience.

The benefits of snowshoeing

A great winter activity

Whilst snowshoeing may be slower-paced than the seemingly more exciting activities that we offer including husky-sledding and snowmobiling, it doesn’t mean it’s less fun. In fact, there are plenty of pros to exploring on foot:
1. It provides a great work-out - The weight of the shoes combined with the depth of the snow provides resistance for your muscles.
2. You can enjoy your surroundings - Snowshoeing requires less concentration than skiing or snowmobiling - you can really appreciate where you are and the natural beauty around you.
3. It is easy and cheap - You won’t need any skills or prior experience to pick this activity up quickly.   


This experience can be enjoyed as part of these tours

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