An unforgettable adventure into the wilderness

'Mush' your own team of beautiful huskies

Before snowmobiles, huskies provided a fast, reliable way to travel vast distances and transport goods. They delivered an important line of communication and essential supply chain during the First World War. Today, dogsledding is a huge attraction for visitors and plays a significant part in the tourism industry here. Whilst there are many experiences unique to Lapland, this is truly memorable - nothing compares to the exhilaration of being drawn through Arctic snowscapes by eager dogs. You’ll speed through the frozen snowscapes taking in the beautiful, natural surroundings of Lapland. Skate across ice-covered lakes, dodge snow-dusted branches through thick forests or track down the Northern Lights on this unique mode of transport.

The dogs are bred for this wintery environment so are super-speedy on the ice and snow. The huskies’ excitement is infectious, and they’ll be raring to go at your command. Driving the sled is simple, although make sure you know where the brake pedal is. And, be warned, you will become attached to your canine friends. 

Learn to be a husky 'musher'

Husky dogs have long helped the locals traverse the snowy tundra of the Arctic; man and beast working in total harmony. As such, we offer a number of Arctic expeditions where you can experience the thrill of being pulled through the magnificent snowscapes by your very own team of dogs. Each offers the opportunity to drive your own sled. Choose from hour-long rides or multi-day trips on an exploration of Lapland’s sublime wilderness. One thing’s for sure, you’ll hear the excitable dogs before you see them. Once you’re on the sled, don’t be intimidated by the dogs. Your guide will create a team to suit you. You’ll also be directed on how to drive the huskies; essentially, remember to steer and break. Don’t let go. And have fun.

It doesn’t take long get a feel for husky mushing. Soon enough you’ll be concentrating more on the impressive landscapes around you and letting the dogs just do their thing. With no fumes, a manageable speed and only huskies yapping, this is the perfect eco-friendly way to travel. 

Meet newborn puppies

Whilst the older husky dogs are adorable and our guests love cuddles and posing for selfies with them, meeting the puppies is very popular amongst guests. On the farms where our trips depart from, one litter of husky puppies is usually bred each year. This litter of husky puppies brings alot of pleasure to our guests on the Santa Short Breaks as they have the chance to meet them as part of the 'Puppy Encounter' optional excursion. 


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