It's a very special occasion... and you want to mark it in a very special way. If you're looking for romantic winter getaways you can't go far wrong with the endless, sparkling, snow-covered landscapes of the far north, way above the Arctic Circle, where the air is incredibly crisp and the Aurora Borealis lights up the skies after dark. No wonder the magical landscapes beyond the Arctic Circle are one of the top 10 romantic destinations in Europe.

It might be your birthday, you may have just retired, you might be getting engaged or married. You may have passed your degree course, got a new job, got into the college you'd set your heart on. Whatever the occasion, someone you love dearly, and who loves you to the end of the earth and back, wants to whisk you away somewhere incredible. Here's what awaits you in Sweden and Finland, the ultimate in wintery, snowy holiday locations, both with romance set at their heart like a glowing jewel.

Romantic Scandinavian holidays – The other-worldly Aurora

The first thing most people think about when the Arctic comes to mind is the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena on the planet. Hazy curtains of stunning, vivid green and blue light, sometimes shot with red, seem to hang from the heavens, constantly shimmering and changing, and it's a breathtaking sight. One of those experiences that deserves a place on everyone's Bucket List,one you'll recall for years to come, until you're old and grey.

Secluded holidays for couples – Stay in an igloo

Sweden and Finland are studded with magical igloos, specially built to last the winter and melting away to nothing in spring to be rebuilt the following year. It's an experience available as an Optional Excursion on several of our Arctic Circle holidays.

Can you imagine how romantic it is to sleep on a platform made from compacted snow, snug inside a special thermal sleeping bag, covered in thick furry reindeer pelts and rugs? Some of the igloos have special glass roofs, so you can lie back in comfort and watch the Northern Lights doing their spectacular thing for hours on end, with a bottle of something chilled and delicious at your side. Champagne and snow? Yes please! Vodka and snow? Even better!

Romantic snow holidays including skiing and snowshoeing

As romantic Scandinavian holidays go, it's hard to beat the exhilaration of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The snow is absolutely spotless, it's so much less crowded than most of Europe's big ski resorts, and the landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful and strange. You can travel at your own speed while cross-country skiing, AKA Nordic skiing, which requires some skill, and the same goes for snowshoeing, which more or less anyone can enjoy. Crunching across the crisp snow, once you've got used to how the shoes work, is a brilliant way to get the feel of the place, up close and personal.

Our four night Northern Lights tour and our seven night Aurora Hunter tour, for example, both include an introduction to snowshoeing. You can easily add a dedicated excursion or two to your to-do list when you book our Arctic Spirit holidays, too.


Husky sledding makes romantic winter getaways unique

Secluded holidays for couples way up north aren't complete without husky sledding. Totally exhilarating and utterly charming, it's a unique way to traverse the extraordinary, empty snow-covered wastelands of the far north in comfort and style. You’ll be whisked along at speed, pulled by a bunch of cheerful, happy dogs who love nothing better than racing across the ice and snow. You'll fall truly, madly and deeply in love with these extremely intelligent animals, and the experience will stay with you for life.

Romance personified - Meet the reindeer

You can ride snowmobiles, a thrill a second as you fly across the snow. But Sweden and Finland are also home to reindeer, and that's seriously special. These iconic creatures are gentle and calm, offering a brilliantly eco-friendly way to explore your surroundings in a chilled way. Because it's all so laid back, the experience is ideal if you have children with you.

Sometimes you're in a low-slung sledge, other times in a luxurious sleigh, the kind of thing you imagine Santa rides in. If you pick an experience that includes visiting local farms and herders, you'll enjoy finding out more about the remarkable Sámi people, whose relationship with reindeer reaches way back to the Stone Age, maybe even farther into the depths of time... and that's pretty romantic in itself.

Whether you choose a short weekend break filled with adventures or a longer seven to ten day holiday to explore the region in all its exotic, strange glory, there are loads of unforgettable wintery activities to enjoy with a loved one. Experiencing the magic together makes it even more special. One of the top 10 romantic destinations in Europe is yours for the taking. Explore our hugely popular winter holidays and see what takes your fancy.


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