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Winter Wonderland day trip

Visit Santa's Lapland home, just for a day!

Day break from £499


Imagine spending the day in Santa's kingdom - flying from an airport near you - and still being home in time for supper. For our Walking in a Winter Wonderland day break, we take you to a magical location in the far north of Finnish Lapland, close to a vast snow-covered wilderness and a million miles from other overcrowded and over commercialised Lapland destinations. Here you will experience a magical and unforgettable search for Santa's secret hideaway and each family will have an opportunity to make a private visit to talk with him in his cabin. Plus, a chance to sample reindeer rides, snowmobiles and husky dog sleds.

What’s included

  • Snowmobile trip
  • Husky Sled Journey
  • Reindeer sleigh ride
  • Search for Santa
  • Private family meeting with Santa
  • Gift for children
  • Two course lunch
  • Snow activities: tobogganing, snowballing and snowman-making


Also included: Return flights with hot meals on board, all taxes and government air passenger duty, thermal suits and boots.

What we love
  • Santa’s cabin is just how you’ll have imagined it!
  • Whizzing through the snow, inches from the ground, pulled by a team of eager huskies
What you said

"Worth every penny to see the looks on our children's faces (age 6 and 9) when they met Santa and rode with the huskies."

Mrs Kate Reece

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  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Doncaster
  • Edinburgh
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Price Includes

  • Snowmobile trip
  • Husky Sled Journey
  • Reindeer sleigh ride
  • Search for Santa
  • Private family meeting with Santa
  • Gift for children
  • Two course lunch
  • Snow activities: tobogganing, snowballing and snowman-making
  • Return flights with hot meals on board
  • All taxes and government air passenger duty
  • Thermal suits and boots



PictureA day to remember

We fly to Enontekio airport, from where this magical day break takes you deep within the Arctic landscapes. Our price includes the protective warmth of a thermal suit and boots (essential in a region where the average December temperature ranges between -7C and -35C) but please ensure that you bring additional scarves, hats and suitable gloves. 



A winter wonderland

You can take your pick from a wide range of taster activities. Enjoy a sled journey, being drawn by an eager team of huskies and an altogether calmer reindeer sleigh trip. The day break also includes a snowmobile trip when adults with a full UK driving licence have the opportunity to drive through the silent snowscapes (children pulled in a sleigh behind guide). All major activities take place on a frozen lake or river. Your Transun representative will guide you through a structured itinerary, in order to make the most of your time in the resort.


Exciting snow activities

As well as all the activities detailed above, there will be time to play in the snow, giving children (and their parents too!) the chance to enjoy tobogganing, snowman-making and snowball fights. A warming two-course lunch is included in the price of your day break.


Search for Santa

The highlight of the day arrives when you venture into the snow-clad surroundings in the hope of finding the hidden log cabin where Santa sometimes stays at this time of the year. After a magical journey across a frozen river, each family will enjoy a private visit with Santa, who will find the time to talk to each child about their Christmas wishes.


All excursions are included in this day break.


Lapland Winter Weather

Temperatures can drop to -30C in Lapland in December. There's regular snowfall and, on the colder nights especially, a chance of seeing the northern lights. Here's our chart of the weather in Lapland during the winter season to help you know what to expect.




Our Guests' Reviews

Review by Mrs Rhian Lundrigan

An amazing day! It could not have been improved. Read some worrying reviews on website but these were all unfounded. An excellently organised day with some many experiences and memories made. Staff were excellent excursions were magical! Highly recommend my son aged 6 and I had an amazing day! Thank you! ????

Review by Toseland

Perfect, just perfect for us. Family group 4ad 3ch. Throughout the flight and resort we found all the staff were friendly, calm and efficient. The weather helped -3 and some light snow showers. The resort was really magical, small, cosy and friendly. Search for Santa experience is not to be missed even if you are just adults. Yes, there was a wait, this was to ensure that your family group travelled together. Definitely worth waiting for!!!. Also you can take your own photos(however, moving from -5 to inside the cabin made the camera steam up, keep camera warm on the journey to cabin) and no more charging for photos, BLISS. We had no problems or issues with the other activities or the length of the husky ride. We all had a wonderful time. We had visited Rovenemie Lapland in 1994 and thought that was good. This resort and Santa experience far exceeded that trip. We will be back as and when more grandchildren come along. PERFECT. The only glitch, was being unable to sit together on the flights and many families experienced this, be aware. Still a perfect santa experience.

Review by Mrs Caroline Dennis

A fantastic day had by all. Children really believed they had seen the REAL Santa!! He talked about different places near to where we lived, it was just magical to see their faces.Thank you so much

Review by Mrs Sue Devonport

The trip was enjoyable; the scenery in Finland was beautiful. The winter wonderland was over-sold in the brochures, the activities were too short examples are a 2 minute huskie ride and a 60 second reindeer sleigh ride that was very poor. There was no opportunity to drive snow mobiles even though the brochure said there would be. The changing facilities were less than basic and very rushed/crowded. The buffet was good but basic, with only the option of tap water as a drink with the meal. The communication and information provided the courier was poor, no information given out on the 40 minute bus ride and no engagement with the younger children by the Transun courier during the ride or even information about the surrounding area. The Santa clause (guy) was good with our elder children but the grotto was little more than a shed!. With a little effort, imagination and a little bit of cost to you, you could have made this trip so much better for people who have paid a lot of money.

Review by Mrs Parker

We felt the day was very well laid out - not your fault that the temperature was _33. The day timings and everything were perfect. My only criticism is that the rides were a little too short, even in the cold.

Review by Mrs Siobhain Pagliaroli

We all had a lovely time especially the children. There wasn't any problems with the flight or transfer. We got our snowsuits and boots without too much of a wait, although the collection and changing area could be bigger. Once we got to the resort we weren't really told the 'plan' for the afternoon. We were led to an area where there were husky rides and snowmobiles and followed people who were on our coach. We weren't told that once we had been on the husky ride we could then move to the snowmobiles. We nearly missed this out and this would have meant missing Father Christmas! The private meeting with Father Christmas was magical. One criticism was after having breakfast on the plane we did not eat again until late afternoon, a few stalls selling snacks would have been ideal for the children who were beginning to feel hungry. We weren't told where the restaurant was until after the activities. Despite this we had a wonderful time and would recommend this experience.

Review by Barber

A Brilliant day! So magical especially going through the forest on a sleigh to Santa's log cabin. There was no rush with any of the activities and no queues either - we went on the reindeer ride three times!In terms of the food if you are expecting a three course meal then you will be disappointed, but who goes there to spend all day eating? I can't fault any of the day - thank you Transun!

Review by Ms Claire Black

What a wonderful day trip!! I had been concerned after reading some negative reviews on the site, but rest assured it was a magical trip and I can't recommend it enough. The activities were great, small queues so didn't have to wait long and we were issued a lunch voucher so we could choose when to eat. Food and all the staff were fabulous. On the flight staff were lovely and made it very fun and festive! Thank you for helping me make magical memories my son and I will treasure forever.

Review by Mrs Carole Berrill

Day trip with two grandchildren. Grandson aged 7 loved it. Granddaughter aged 3 was a bit too young. Very chaotic getting kitted out with snowsuits and boots. Didn't have my size boots so had a pair 2 sizes too big. Found the day a bit rushed and didnt feel as though we had enough time in the resort for the length of time travelling. We all loved the huskies and reindeers. Very picturesque.

Review by Mrs Janet Harrison

We were a party of two children and three adults. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves which was most important. The best part for the adults was the journey to and the visit to Santa. We also missed out on one of the activities due to lack of time and even then we were one hour late leaving Finland.

Review by Mr Steffan La Touche

I feel this review is in two parts: the bits that lived up to my expectation and the parts that sadly didn't. If my children's testimony of this day on Santa's Safari is anything to go by; then the day was a roaring success. They loved almost all of it and felt meeting Santa was a truly magical experience. As an adult who paid almost £2000 to take my family to Lapland; I felt somewhat cheated. The things that disappointed me: 1. No daylight. This isn't made very clear beyond the note about bringing a head torch. It was twilight as we landed and by the time we'd transferred from the airport it was pitch black. Lapland has no sunlight during the winter, so photos of your magical trip are going to be very difficult to get. 2. The travel times: Having been on the plane for 3hrs 10mins, the transfer is then 60 mins to the resort. A further hour of keeping kids entertained on a coach is hard going especially as the light is fading quickly. 3. Getting into the Snow Suits: As an adult, trying to layer up with thermals and then climb into a snow suit and boots is difficult enough. Trying to get your children who are tired and bored after the flight and transfer to do it is even more frustrating. Then try doing that in a room with another 100 people some of whom are sadly inconsiderate and it becomes down right impossible! The suits themselves are great, once you're in them. But a job that should take less than 15 mins for a young family took nearly half an hour due to the lack of space and people not moving out of the hut once they were changed. 4. Santa's Wonderland. This is essentially a tiny version of any winter wonderland you might find in London on Birmingham. It's less well lit, smaller and completely disorganised. Queuing was non-existent, so people barge in. The childrens Snowmobile is tied to a 5 foot rope so you can only go in a circles and the poor reindeer drag you and your family around in a sled on a track that's less than 100 metres. It's so dark, you can't actually see them pulling you. Not quite the magical sled ride the brochure advertised. Also, once you've seen the reindeer and the snowmobile you've done the 'highlights' of the Wonderland. The ice sculptures are pretty, the toboggan hill is very small and the ice bar is cool, but expensive; €4 for a milky hot chocolate. We were dropped off and given an hour to explore, but in all honesty the kids just wanted to play in the snow (of which there is tons) and there's no safe space (with lighting) to do that sadly. 4. No Snowmobiling: For adults who'd like to do this, there was no opportunity to do this sadly. It is advertised, but none of our party to could locate the place where you can do it and were told the winter sports insurance cover that you’re asked to check is purely for the journey to Santa's Cabin on the sled behind the snowmobile. The things I really liked: 1. The husky ride. It's over way too quickly, you're probably on the ride for 3 mins but OMG are those 3 minutes special. The speed across the ice lake behind the huskies is truly magical and if anything exceeded my expectations! 2. The snowmobile journey to Santa's Cabin: was great fun. It's about 7-8 mins and a great way to see the Northern Lights, which were slowly beginning to appear. We didn't see the famous 'Green Aura" but the sky was beginning to change colour and move which was very cool to observe and a nice bonus. 3. Santa's Cabin. The reason for the trip was indeed well worth it. Santa isn't the old man in the photograph that you see on the brochure. He's a younger actor who's made up to look incredibly convincing. The make up, costume and cabin are dressed so well your kids will be spellbound. The actor was brilliant and did an excellent job of interacting with the kids. Considering he must do that 500 times a day, he certainly didn't show any signs of tiredness. It was an absolute triumph!!! He also gives the kids a gift which is a lovely touch. So that just about covers it. There are more bad points than good points, but I'm pleased to say the good points are so good they do overshadow the bad. We got home tired at 1am, with two sound asleep children who have no doubt now that Father Christmas is real!!!!!

Review by Mrs Samantha Dalton

Good time was had by children which is the main reason for going. Was very disappointed with santa - thought would have made it more personal with him knowing names and also more realistic looking and that his "home" would be better - have been on better trips to see Santa locally where you meet Santa and Mrs Claus, the room looking festive etc. Would have been lovely and completed the trip to see some kind of effort made and a little "elves workshop". Twinkly lights round Santa's village would have been lovely too and also reindeers with horns! Didn't have the "magical" experience, but was enjoyed by the family. Could do MUCH better is my overall review.

Review by Mrs Catherine Riley

If you are looking for a Disney style Christmas experience then this isn't for you. This is a genuine traditional Santa Christmas experience. Non commercial and very magical. Fabulous day that will always be remembered.

Review by Mr Paul Richmond

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our day trip to see Santa in Lapland. Parts of it were chaotic; delayed flight, crew unfamiliar with the airplane catering equipment, the collection of the thermal suits were particular bugbears. The local guide was charming and knowledgeable but so laid back, a little more pro activity & organisation would have improved things. On the plus side the activities were fun, Santa magical of course and our 6 year had a wonderful time so what more could you really ask for.

Review by Mr Jeremy Hawkins

A great day packed a lot in to a short time children loved it so did we Thanks to all involved

Review by Mr William John Thomson

Amazing trip- was non stop start to finish and we loved every single second. Incredibly well organised and our tour guide Dave was a legend! We cannot recommend this company or package highly enough. Absolute dream come true.

Review by Mr Alan Budden

With the exception of the in flight experience our day out was magical day. Transun staff were both friendly and helpful. The way that we were moved around activities ensure that we enjoyed everything without the need for queuing, making it feel like an individual experience. The only exception to the day was the in flight service. My son fell asleep during breakfast missing a drink when he awoke he wanted some water, for which we we're charged £1.50. This set the tone for the journey on the way home. Staff seemed to be arguing amongst themselves; food was delayed for an hour and drinks were served over half an hour after that; when the trolley selling drinks was brought around eventually most things were sold out, my son was unable to have anything as he doesn't drink anything fizzy, there was no water and no juice.

Review by Mrs Gillian Barnwell

Absolutely fantastic day, couldn't have been better.

Review by Mrs Kate Reece

As long as you go prepared for a very long day with a huge amount of travelling involved and you are well kitted out with thermal layers, you will have the most magical time of your life. Worth every penny to see the looks on our children's faces (age 6 and 9) when they met Santa and rode with the huskies. The Santa meeting was totally personal and unrushed and was amazing. The sheer unspoiled beauty of the area with it's snow laden fir trees and pretty houses took my breath away. A long held dream of mine to do this for my children and I'm so glad I did.

Review by Mrs Carly Hoare

This daytrip to Lapland was fantastic! Well organised with time left to play in the snow after all the activities listed (quite short sleigh rides). It stated that the children would get a special Lapland passport, which failed to materialise, which was a shame. The souvenir shop was small and we found the airport was cheaper with more variety. Beautiful Christmas decorations! The search for Santa whilst being pulled behind a snowmobile through the woods was brilliant and very exciting for our 5 year old! We thoroughly enjoyed everything that was laid on by Transun with regards to this daytrip (reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobile rides, Husky rides, sledging) . An absolute must if you have children or are a big kid at heart!! A wonderful experience for young children are adults especially on Christmas Eve!

Review by Mrs Victoria Love

We had an excellent day. Our only suggestion would be to make the destination a little more Christmassy perhaps by decorating some of the buildings with signs and decoration such as Toy Workshop. Santas house. Rudolph's shed etc... just a bit more of a village feel. A delay with our outward flight was a slight disappointment as on a day trip but airline made some time back and apologised for it. All in all a great winter experience.

Review by Mrs Julie Belton

Thank you for a fabulous day. We were unsure of what to expect but I can safely say that our expectations were exceeded in every way. All the reps were very helpful and the organisation of the day was excellent. You made a little boy's dreams come true.

Review by Mr Riki Garnett

As a family we had a wonderful day out, which has made many memories which will last us forever. Our son, who is 4 years old, enjoyed all the activities and visit to Santa which allowed him to do a 'Show and Tell' about Lapland when he returned to school. Friends have queried who we booked through and without any hesitation we have recommended Transun for their booking to Lapland in 2014. When booking we were told we would receive a Lapland Passport, could you please advise whether this is to be posted out to us, as at this moment in time we have received none? Thank you

Review by Ingram

We had a great day, kids had a ball.

Review by Mrs Caroline Bigsby

Shelley was a very nice person who made the trip relaxed. She was helpful and the whole day worked out really well. The staff on the plane was welcoming and very efficient too. Overall my children had a lovely experience in Lapland.

Review by Squires

We had a fabulous experience on the day trip. Everything went smoothly and although the initial cost seemed pricy, we did not need to pay out any extras throughout the trip. The staff were friendly and helpful, but not in-your-face type. We had clear itinerary for the day, and were able to enjoy the activities at our own pace. The whole experience left even us adults believing again! The children will never forget meeting Santa. Would thoroughly recommend this trip.

Review by Mrs Nicola Finch

Booking and taking part in this trip has left my family with amazing memories that we will remember forever. Loved every minute (except for cold hands and feet) everyone was really friendly and did whatever they could to make sure we were having a good time. Santa was fantastic and first time ever my son of 6 would go anywhere near him. Something for everyone. Thank you

Review by Mr Leigh Raybould

We had a fantastic time, together with fantastic memories for us to cherish forever....the magic of finding Santa was perfect for a 7 year old very excited little boy...in his words "You have to believe"

Review by Mrs Donna Everitt

If you only do one trip do this! I was so worried if this trip didnt get it right that it would ruin my daughter's view of Santa - they couldn't have got it more right. Every single activity was outstanding, we rode husky sleighs, reindeer sleighs, snowmobiles, laid on an ice bed in an igloo, sledged down snow hills, saw giant ice sculptures, met cheeky elves, toasted marshmellows and ate gorgeous hearty food. Father Christmas was the cherry on the top of the cherry on top of the cake! I beleive again - my daughter was dumbstruck when she met him and over the moon, and thats the reaction I wanted. We had a fantastic rep Tasha, who kept tabs on us all day and ensured we got to do all the activities. The staff from the restaurants to the elves we met throughout the day were all helpful, friendly and polite. We couldnt have asked for anything better. Well done Transun.

Review by Mrs Michelle Bell

We had a wonderful day on the winter wonderland excursion. It was a very long day but well worth it to see the smiles on everyone's faces throughout the whole day. The boys loved meeting the real Santa who was lovely and chatted to them for some considerable time. We all enjoyed the Husky rides, reindeer ride and the skidoo. Toboganning was great fun and the food was wholesome and enjoyable. We will definitely be returning - perhaps for a longer duration. Couldn't fault the Reps and staff at all who were friendly and informative - especially Anna who has the Husky farm and breeds the Huskies for the tourist trips. Thankyou Transun for a day that we will remember forever! The Bell Family

Review by Mr John Daniel

All parts of the trip went well, there was a half hour wait for our turn to get the snow suits but as there was more than enough time to take part in all the events it didn't spoil things. Santa was excellent, plenty of time and he was very convincing. Overall as it is a long day anyway an hour less would have been welcome. The food at the venue was good and the Thompson flights were excellent.

Review by Mrs Alison Robertson

We thorougly enjoyed our day to lapland. All the activities listed in the brochure were available.The family who live at the location we went to were so lovely. They kept us well fed and warm with hot drinks and a cozy fire. An indoor childs play area would have been good to escape the cold occasionally and also a larger shop!Youre missing out on lots of potential sales.Advice to adults is to view everything through a child's eyes. We will remember our day foreverand are so glad we did it!

Review by Carey

We had an absolutely amazing time from start to finish. In the words of our 2 children 'it was the most amazing day of their lives'. The staff were extremely helpful from the Thomas Cook Air Stewards, Santa reps and Transun - a brilliant experience all round.

Review by Carter-Gaunt

We had an amazing time during our day trip to Lapland! We took our 2 boys, aged 7 and 4 years and it was more amazing than we hoped. The flights were all on time and everyone was very helpful. It was an experience we will all treasure forever!

Review by Murdoch

I booked this trip the day before we went and had expected some hitches along the way but I was amazed by how efficient Transun were . From the moment we arrived at the airport everything went smoothly. This was the most enjoyable, stress -free time I have ever had. I would strongly recommend you to anyone. Thank you very much.

Review by Younie

We had a fantastic day trip to Lapland, my 5 year old had 'the best day of her life!'. Her favourite part was meeting the 'Really real Santa' and the huskie dogs. The day was fully inclusive and the only money we spent was in the gift shop. It was colder than you could ever imagine (-27c)but you just have to be prepared for it, and we were thanks to the advise of friends who had previously been.

Review by Mr Pamela Andison

Only a small hiccup with a lost booking due to technical problems but this was redeemed by your reservation staff. We really enjoyed the care that the staff in Lapland and on the flights had for making the Day Trip memorable for the children. We experienced a delay in the return flight but the staff provided fun games and entertainment for the kids while the adults relaxed - this just extended the fun! The creative input of the cabin crew and pilots was also a part in our great experience eg. when Santa landed on the plane on his test flight! We all felt part of a carefully crafted package with the result that we all had a brilliant day in Lapland! Perhaps a photographer could have been roaming to provide pics for sale later - we didn't take many and those we took are not great due to the lack of light! Thanks to all staff. Will recommend Transun to others.

Review by Mrs Margaret Andison

My whole family group, all 9 of us, loved the day, it was so special, everything went wellm we even coped with the delay in the flight returning home as the staff looked after the children so well. Santa Claus was so wonderful, I believe in him now! I will remember this day for a long time and so will my children and grandchildren. In fact my grandson of 10, who didnt really believe in Santa said to his mother on the flight home, "That was the real Santa Mam, I know it". Thanks for the wonderful memories. Your young staff in Finland were just great. Maybe a hot drink with the meal could improve what I felt was a memorable day. Thanks again. Margaret Andison

Review by Cooper

excellent day out.

Review by Mrs Janette Mardon

Despite the delayed flight on returning (which was unavoidable) the staff made this as comfortable as possible taking us to nearby hotel and putting on party games to entertain the children. We could not have asked for any more under the circumstances Thanks for a wonderful trip and amazing memories.

Review by Dent

Thoroughly enjoyable trip which was unfortunately marred due to the inbound flight delay. However, I must stress that the Transun staff were extremely friendly and helpful.Would highly recommend.

Review by Mr Adrian Hall

My family and I enjoyed ourselves very much. We thought that the whole experience and standard of service was good. You do take a chance with the weather and I believe we were very lucky. I would recommend the experience to others but caution them about possible extreme weather conditions.

Review by Clark

Absolutely fantastic from start to finish, big thanks to jet 2 for making the flights exciting and huge thanks to Transun and Kailey our tour guide you made my daughters year and our best family day this year. After our visit with Santa you have two new adult believers WOW. Big thanks again will definitely be using Transun again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know and consider before I book?

How do I check availability and make a reservation?

1. Checking availability: Over the phone on 01865 265200, online at www.transun.co.uk or with your local travel agents.

2. Confirm reservation: We will require forenames, surnames and dates of births for all travellers. We will also request details of your insurer if you decline our insurance. A deposit of £200pp will be required or, if you book within ten weeks of departure, full payment. Payment can be made via credit* or debit card. *For payments made direct via credit card, there is a 3% transaction fee. Other travel agents’ charges may vary.

3. Confirmation: A confirmation invoice will be sent. Please check all details carefully and advise us of any discrepancies within seven days. Any changes made after this will incur an amendment fee.

4. Tickets/Travel Documents: Travel documents will be sent approx. seven days prior to departure, where possible via email. You no longer require physical tickets to travel.


What insurance do I require?

We recommend the insurance offered by Transun. If you choose to obtain other insurance cover, it is essential that your policy covers you for ‘winter sports’, including snowmobiles and huskies. For more information on our insurance and to view our policy, click here.


I know it can get cold in Lapland but how cold?

Winter in Lapland is extremely cold compared to the UK. Temperatures rarely rise above freezing and December temperatures range between -7C and -35C. The air in Lapland is quite dry and therefore -10C doesn’t feel as cold as you might expect. You will need a series of base layers under your thermal suit.


Will my party be in the same excursion groups if I make seperate bookings?

When booking online or over the phone, please note that we can only guarantee that guests will be in the same excursion groups if they are all under the same booking reference. Therefore, if you are two or more families travelling together it is advisable that you book together. On our Winter Wonderland day breaks, we use several locations and so the same rule applies.


How much daylight will there be in December?

There are four to five hours of daylight on average in December. This is termed as ‘grey light’ in Finland and is usually between the hours of 1000 and 1430. (This may vary by up to an hour according to location.) Either side of these times, it will be as night-time. Snow ensures a good level of reflection which makes it possible to see where you are walking. The darkness adds to the magical setting of your surroundings and is often emphasised by using the light of fires and outdoor candles (where appropriate). Some wilderness locations maybe without artificial light.


Will I see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)?

In the north of Finland, the chance of seeing this phenomenon is greatly increased. On a clear night, if you are lucky, you may see the Aurora Borealis, which appear across the sky in white, red or green lights swirling through the atmosphere.


Will I be able to ski while in Lapland?

Downhill skiing is not currently available in the wilderness locations that provide the setting for our short breaks.


Will I have the chance to buy souvenirs?

There are a few souvenir shops at Lapland’s airports and at some of the hotels. Where time permits, we will arrange to take you to a souvenir shop before returning home.


Are the tours suitable for adults travelling without children?

Our tours can be enjoyed by adults travelling unaccompanied by children since there is a wide variety of activities suitable for adults. Alternatively those looking for a more adult focused break, without Santa, why not take a look at our Festive Lights breaks. For more details see the relevant section on this website.


Will I be safe in Lapland?

The local operators are fully qualified, experienced and safety conscious and their equipment complies with local safety standards. However, it must be borne in mind that the activities are authentically Lappish as we are offering the experience of local adventures. To keep safe, you must ensure you follow the instructions of our guides. Bear in mind that you are visiting an area where Arctic conditions prevail. And please remember that the animal rides are traditional and authentic and use untamed animals. Rides are taken at your own risk, although that risk is very small. Parents and guardians are responsible for the supervision of their own children and those within their party at all times. Before commencing any activities on these tours, each participant will be given clear and full safety instructions. Please ensure you follow these instructions and exercise caution. No one should travel without insurance.


How much snow can I expect?

Snow falls in Lapland between October and May and it is common to find thick snow cover in December. However, it is also possible that there may be a period of warmer weather, especially given the effects of global warming, which may cause the snow and ice to melt before the next snowfall.

What happens to my activities if there is not enough snow or it is extremely cold?

If there are insufficient levels of snow or ice for reliant activities to operate upon the day of participation, then our suppliers will move all activities to a position where snow is available, adjust tracks accordingly so a modified activity programme can operate or provide alternative activities that are not reliant on snow and ice. Because it is possible that snow will fall just the night prior to one of our planned trips, Transun will not cancel trips nor refund payments in the event of no snow on the day and will endeavour to arrange all activities to replicate those planned. In cases where an exact replica is not possible a suitable alternative will be offered. Where this happens no refunds will be made. All activities are arranged subject to local weather conditions, which are outside of our control. Should temperatures reach an extreme, then modified programmes will operate. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any part of tours or safaris if our suppliers or we consider that conditions are unsafe. These judgements are usually made when the temperature falls below -20 degrees; a variety of factors may influence decisions. NB: Periods preceding or post extreme weather may be subject to changes in itinerary or operational order.


I have a dietary requirement; can this be catered for?

It is recommended that any passengers with special request such as nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, diabetic etc. carry some supplies of foodstuffs with them. For any dietary requirements, you must advise us at the time of booking and we will pass this request on to the airline and accommodation where applicable, who will endeavour to fulfil your requirements. However given the remoteness of the locations, this cannot be guaranteed.


How accurate is the brochure and this web page?

Details within the brochure and online are correct at the time of going to press. All excursions and itineraries are subject to alteration and withdrawal in response to local conditions, timings and demand. We cannot accept any liability for opening times of places of interest during your visit. All breaks are subject to Transun’s Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions (listed on each tour). Prices/discounts are subject to change and are confirmed at the time of booking. Throughout this brochure ‘child’ prices etc. refer to all children aged two to fifteen years inclusive, unless stated otherwise. If you have booked/are booking based on our Preview brochure, you should call to check updated travel arrangements and itineraries.


Are the photos on the web site genuine?

Many of the photographs on the website were taken during our December 2008 season in Karesuando and Hetta. Some photography is for purposes of illustration. Transun cannot guarantee that the exact scenes will be replicated.


Are the tours suitable for infants?

Due to the extreme weather conditions in Lapland, we recommend that you do not take infants under the age of two on our inclusive day breaks. This is because a great deal of time may be spent outside in extreme Arctic conditions. It is possible on short breaks however if they are not walking we would not recommend that they travel. If you choose to travel with an infant you must be prepared to miss out on activities if advised by our local guide and safari providers. Infants are charged £80 on short breaks. We are unable to guarantee provision of thermal suits and boots and recommend you bring your own.

Is the trip suitable for disabled or severely ill visitors?

For many years we have been taking visitors suffering from a range of severe disorders on our trips to Lapland, and we know that a successful visit can be a dream come true. However, we cannot provide any special assistance or care and we do not have specially-made vehicles nor adapted sleighs etc to offer specialist facilities to those who need them. While our staff have always done their best to help, they do not have specialist training in care for the disabled, so we strongly recommend that specialist carers who are experienced in providing expert help (lifting, etc) accompany any disabled travellers. Certain resorts are more suitable than others for physically challenged visitors and you are advised to discuss your needs with our staff before making a reservation. Additionally, you must complete and return to us a checklist prepared by ABTA that fully informs us of your needs. Please note that acceptance of your booking by us does not mean that your needs will be met.


Can I pre-book seats on the plane?

As this is a family product we do not offer the opportunity to pre book seats as it is our belief that all families should be sat together where possible. We do brief the check-in staff at the airport to seat all families together, however this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.


Can I smoke in Lapland?

The regulations governing smoking in Finland and Sweden are similar to those in the UK and smoking is not permitted in public places or within any of the hotels. If you do smoke, we ask that you act responsibly as these are family breaks and respect the environment that you are in. we request that you do not smoke whilst on activities or when in large groups. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in ashtrays provided. Although the snow is a good cover for any litter, please bear in mind that this does melt and any litter becomes visible.


Are the itineraries in the brochure and online correct?

The itineraries shown within the brochure and online are for guidance only and subject to change. You may not do the activities in the order they appear within this brochure. For short break clients, we will endeavour to advise you of any major changes before you travel. However, this is not always possible and you will receive your full itinerary on arrival.


I’m getting ready to travel, what information will I find useful?

Do I get tickets for the flights?

We issue an e-ticket document which consists of a sheet of paper and not individual tickets. This will show your final flight and passenger details.


Will I be sent accommodation/activity vouchers?

We do not issue accommodation or activity vouchers, your booking information is sent directly to resort.


How much luggage can I take with me?

The checked-in allowance on all flights is 18kg per person. Sometimes specific airline’s allowances can vary so please check your departure documents to confirm. The allowance for hand luggage is 5kg per person and size restrictions apply – 55x40x20cm.

What happens if my day break flight is delayed?

If this were to happen on your outbound day break flight, then every effort would be made to ensure that the delay time was made up by a later return departure time from Lapland. Once the day break flight is delayed by more than three hours, it is likely that the whole trip will be cancelled and you will be offered an alternative trip or a full refund of monies paid to us. In the event that the delay is less than three hours and the flight takes off, every effort will be made to deliver the programme as planned but it may be necessary to reduce the time spent on the activities or on occasions to omit some of them. Please note that no compensation will be paid in these circumstances. In the event that your aircraft is diverted due to weather conditions at your destination airport we will endeavour to replicate to the greatest extent possible the programme you would have received. Where this happens no refunds will be due. If no arrangements can be made you will receive a full refund minus a deduction for the airfare.


I’m travelling on a short break and my flight is delayed – what happens?

It is possible that short break passengers may still be flown out even if the delay exceeds three hours and guests will need to refer to their insurance policies for compensation. Should it be impossible to return home from the destination on the programmed evening departure due to reasons beyond our control (force majeure see terms and conditions), Transun will make every effort to accommodate passengers overnight in accommodation of a reasonable standard and provide an evening meal and breakfast. The company’s liability will then cease and no compensation will be paid.


Can I purchase drinks and snacks in Lapland?

Whilst you are on activities, there are no opportunities to purchase these. However, when you are at the hotel you can purchase these.


What clothing do I need?

We provide you with an all-in-one thermal suit and boots on arrival on all of our trips. It is also essential that you bring a warm hat, scarf and gloves. We recommend that you visit the mybooking area of the Transun website (www.transun.co.uk/my-booking) for further details regarding clothing. In the case of thermal suits, please note that exceptional sizes may not be available. Those needing thermal suits outside the usual children’s sizes and adult small/medium/ large range are recommended to buy their own, before travelling. Minimum child sizes: 90cm suit and 25/26 boots. Maximum adult sizes: 48” chest and 47/48 boots.

The following guidelines are, in our opinion, a minimum requirement to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment during your tour:
• Layer One: Thermal underwear or long-sleeved top and leggings, woollen tights, socks.
• Layer Two: Fleece or jumper and trousers (cotton or fleece i.e. jogging bottoms), woollen socks.
• Top Layer: Balaclava, hat, scarf, all-in-one suit (provided), gloves or mittens, boots (provided).

When choosing your clothing, we recommend you:
• Take lots of extra gloves, socks and scarves.
• Wear lots of thin loose fitting layers so you can add or remove layers as required.
• Avoid denim and other restrictive clothing, the best insulation is provided from wool.
• Select a hat similar to a balaclava or one that has flaps that can be fastened to cover your ears.
• Wear thermal boots too big which allows for extra socks.
• Wear a pair of thin gloves under a thicker pair.
• Use hot pads, which you insert into your gloves and boots, and provides useful protection against the cold.
• Avoid water-based creams or balms on your face, lips and hands.
• The temperature can drop rapidly so always ensure you have hats, scarves and gloves with you.
• If your hands or feet get wet whilst on activities, change into a dry pair of socks/gloves.
• Mittens are better than gloves as they allow warm air to circulate between your fingers.


Can I buy duty free?

Finland is part of the EU and therefore you are no longer able to purchase duty-free goods when travelling to Lapland.


My Booking

You will now have access to the My Booking area of our website, here you will be able to view details of your booking and make any outstanding balance payments. Please visit www.transun.co.uk/my-booking to log in.


What can I expect in Lapland?

What is the time difference?

Finland is two hours ahead of the UK and Sweden is one hour ahead.


What is the local currency?

The currency in Finland is the euro. We strongly recommend that you purchase euros in the UK prior to travelling, as the option to withdraw or change money in resort may not always be available. Most hotels and shops will accept major credit cards and a limited number accept sterling.


Will there be queues?

On our all-inclusive programme, there will only be limited queuing for the rides. If you do come across a lengthy queue we recommend your move on to another activity to avoid standing around and to maximise your time in resort enjoying activities.


Can I use my camera or camcorder in Lapland?

There is no problem using these indoors, in Santa’s log cabin for example, but outdoors, photographic covers are essential. You should also bear in mind that the perpetual twilight will affect your photography. If you are going to be using a camcorder in Lapland, please bear in mind that the cold affects the life of the battery on your camcorder and if you intend to film a lot please ensure that on overnight visits you bring a charger or spare battery.


Are there toilet facilities?

Due to the natural environment, toilet facilities may not be widely available but temporary or wilderness toilets will be on hand at activity points. However, we recommend that guests use the facilities in their hotel or other establishments when they are available.


Is it commercial?

Far from it. The areas we operate to are genuine Lappish villages and not man-made resorts. We offer true wilderness locations which are far removed from anything artificial or commercial. Do not expect a theme park or Disney World.


Can anyone drive a snowmobile?

Driving a snowmobile in Finland is like driving a car, similar laws apply. A full driving licence is required. Please ensure you bring your driving licence with you. A damage waiver must be signed before commencing the activity. Credit card copies are taken and a 550 euros excess is payable for any damage, irrespective of severity. Normal traffic laws apply on snowmobile routes. Safety helmets must be worn at all times. (Please note this is not a definitive list of instructions and liabilities, further information is available upon request, and will be provided at resort.) As a general rule, all children under 15 will travel in a sleigh pulled by the guide’s snowmobile.Children 15-plus can ride as a passenger behind a responsible parent/adult, however this is physically demanding and therefore they will be assessed by the local guide on the day and it is at the guide’s discretion, their decision being final.

Are the kids snowmobiles safe?

We have a miniature snowmobile ride for children. Depending on their size they are normally suitable for 4 to 10 year-olds. As it is a motorised vehicle, the ride is supervised so only available at specified times. Snowmobiles are driven around a small circuit, attached to a rope. Children will have a minimum of five laps.

How easy is it to ‘mush’ a husky team?

‘Mushing’ a dog team is reasonably straightforward and is mastered by most people quickly. A certain degree of physical strength is needed as well as a sense of balance. It is not a strenuous activity although you should note that you will be required to stand up, on the two runners at the rear of the sled, for the duration of your excursion. In some cases, where tack conditions are particularly harsh, you may be required to help the dogs by removing your weight and pushing the sled through deep snow. The local guides are extremely experienced and will be there to inform and assist you at all times. Children will travel in the sleighs pulled by the huskies.

How easy is it to drive a snowmobile?

Driving a snowmobile does not require any expertise (other than having a valid driving licence) or previous experience, all snowmobiles are fully automatic. In the case of overnight expeditions, a certain level of physical fitness is required to maintain composure against the cold and to maintain driving posture.


What are the hotel ratings and are they suitable for everyone?

There is no official rating for the hotels in Finland and therefore you will not find any within our brochure. We have listed all the facilities available within each property to help guide your selection and the information is accurate at the time of going to print. All our accommodation is similar to a good standard three-star. Because an essential ingredient of the Lapland experience is a proximity to nature, some of our properties may occupy locations that, due to distances or difficult/icy terrain, may be unsuitable for the disabled or very young or very old. Should you need detailed guidance regarding any particular location, please contact our reservations team (01865 265 200). Where additional beds are provided, these may be sofa or portable beds. The operation and supervision of overseas property, transport and other services is subject to local laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice of individual countries. The legal and safety requirements may be of a different standard to that in the UK and the standards imposed will be that of the country you are visiting, not of the UK. Upon arrival at your accommodation you will, after registration, be allocated your rooms. Please note that if accommodation units are filled to their maximum occupancy they may be cramped and storage can be minimal.


What does the real Santa look like?

All adults and children know that Santa has special magic powers and is able to do mysterious things like fly round the world in a single evening. He may also appear differently dressed depending on the task he is undertaking and may even have altered his facial appearance to confuse his naughty elves. We advise all parents to be diplomatic in sharing photographs with other clients and their children.



Santa will present each child with an authentic wooden present. Children will also receive a Lapland passport from their rep.

Can Igloos and IceBars be guaranteed?

No. Igloos and IceBars are reliant on a prolonged period of very specific weather conditions for the manufacture of the snow and the harvesting of the ice from the local river. Whilst we endeavour to create them each year we are reliant on the appropriate weather conditions which cannot be guaranteed.

What is the food like on short breaks?

You should bear in mind that, given the remote nature of the location, fresh fruit and vegetables are less plentiful than in the UK. Menus will vary from establishment to establishment. However the following are some of the dishes that might make up a typical menu:
• Starters: spinach, cheese, tomato soup.
• Main Courses - meat loaf, macaroni casserole, minced meat, frankfurters in sauce, meatballs, chicken drumsticks, fried fish fillet, beef stew, roast pork.
• For Children: hotels usually provide additional dishes for kids if required such as fish fingers, frankfurters and chicken nuggets.
• Desserts: berry pudding, apricot dessert, pancakes. (All other drinks and snacks are at extra cost).


What time can I check in/check out?

For our short break clients, rooms are normally available from 4pm local time. On your day of departure, check out is normally 9am. This will be confirmed during your stay. Luggage will be stored in a communal area and you are advised to take all valuables with you.



Towels are provided in all accommodation for the duration of your stay and housekeeping will change these at your request. Linen will not be changed during your stay.



There are limited numbers of toboggans available at each hotel for your use at no extra cost.



A small selection of locally produced souvenirs can be purchased in resort for a memento of your special short break, or as a present for loved ones back home.


Day Breaks

What do I do with my belongings on a day break?

When you collect your thermal suits and boots, you will be given a bag in which you can store your outdoor coats and shoes that you have travelled in. Please ensure you take anything with you that you may require during the day, plus your valuables such as money and passports. There is no secure storage for valuables. You will collect your bag at the end of the day when you change out of your thermal suits. On some occasions it may be necessary that these bags are taken with you.


What can I expect for lunch on a day break?

For those clients travelling on our all-inclusive day breaks, there will be a two-course lunch of a starter and main course buffet, which includes kids’ and vegetarian options. Typical dishes are soup for starters, followed by jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings and pasta.


Other useful Information


In most cases we charter direct flights on a fast comfortable B737, A320/321, B757, B733 or B767. However, flight plans may change before departure and we reserve the right to substitute alternative carriers and/or aircraft types where necessary. Where this situation arises, it is not possible to transfer to another day/short break or cancel without incurring normal cancellation charges (see booking conditions). All of our flights are non-smoking. Airline regulations vary but many will refuse permission to fly for women who will be 28 or more weeks into pregnancy on the date of return travel. Transun operates direct flights but these may occasionally stop to off-load or pick-up clients. A direct flight does not necessarily mean a non-stop flight.


Hand Luggage

You may take up to 5kg of hand luggage per person (including children, but excluding infants) on board the aircraft, size restrictions apply – 55x40x20cm. You will have somewhere to leave your bags whilst in resort and participating in activities, but we recommend that you keep your valuable items on your person as we cannot guarantee their safety. The thermal suits we provide have several zipped pockets which are perfect for this.


On arrival at the airport in Lapland

You will be met by one of our local representatives, who will direct you to your warm transfer coach, which will be waiting to take you to magical home of Santa in Lapland.



Transfer times can vary according to weather conditions but as a guide, the transfer time on a daybreak can range be between 35 and 50 minutes. Transfer times between Enontekio airport and the Davvi Arctic Lodge is approx. 50 mins and from Enontekio to Hetta is approx. 15 mins.


What should I wear on the flight?

You do not need to wear too many layers for the flight to Lapland. You will be either on the flight, in the airport or on the transfer coach. The only times you will be facing the elements is the very short walk between the arrival lounge in Enontekio and the transfer coach. Wear whatever you are comfortable in and have a warm outer layer ready for if you get cold. Ensure you have a warm coat and suitable footwear for the short period of time you will be outside before collecting your thermal clothing – ie. from the plane, into the airport, and into the coach.


Health & medical care

Finland has reciprocal health care agreements with the UK. This entitles you to emergency medical treatment and to prove eligibility for this treatment you only require a British Passport. Non-British nationals should obtain an EHIC. Treatment is available either free of charge or for a standard fee, depending on the municipality. Clients who have special diets or are taking regular drugs for heart conditions, diabetes, etc, should ensure that they have ample supply, which should be carried with them at all times as well as required foods.



A full EU passport which is valid on day of return is necessary to travel to Lapland. Please note that children who are not already included on an existing full passport are now required to hold their own passport. Non-British citizens should enquire at the Finnish Embassy. Tel: 0207 8386200 and visit www.finemb.org.uk to see terms and conditions for further information. It is now a legal requirement for all passengers to submit to Transun in advance of travel full and accurate passport information. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of flight tickets.

Making a booking

How do I check availability and make a reservation?

You can check availability in real time on this website. To book select your preferred departure date on the appropriate tour/holiday page and then you can work your way through our easy-to-use online booking process. Alternatively, you can call us on the number at the top of this page, or visit your travel agent.

Book with confidence

How accurate are the itineraries on this website?

Information on this website is correct to the best of our knowledge. Departure dates and prices are feed directly from our reservations system, and is constantly updated. All excursions and itineraries are subject to alteration and withdrawal in response to local conditions, timings and demand.

How do I know that my holiday is in safe hands?

We are a member of ABTA and so we are required to meet the high standard of service laid out in their Code of Conduct. For more information, see the Book with Confidence section of our website.
All our holidays are ATOL protected, which means that your money is safe even in the very unlikely event of our insolvency. For more information, see Book with Confidence section of our website.

After you’ve booked

What will happen after I’ve booked?

Once you’ve booked, we will email immediately email you a confirmation invoice. Please check all details carefully and advise us of any discrepancies within twenty four hours of receipt. Any changes made after this will incur an amendment fee.
You will also access to the My Booking portal on our website, where you can update your Advance Passenger Information, make a balance payment on your booking, and check your documentation.

Once I’ve booked, can I make a change to my booking?

Requests for changes to confirmed bookings should be made by the person who made the booking. Where we can meet a request, all changes will be subject to any applicable rate changes or extra costs incurred as well as any costs incurred by ourselves and any costs or charges incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers. Amendment costs are £25 per person per change plus any other supplier charges. Changes include (but are not limited to): holiday package, accommodation, passenger names, dates of birth.

Can I cancel my booking after I’ve booked?

If you or a member of your party wishes to cancel your booking, notice of your cancellation must be received by us in writing at our offices signed by the person who made the original booking. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect on the day it is received in writing at our offices. We recommend that you use recorded delivery, upon receipt of which the following cancellation charges will apply:
* More than 70 days: deposit only
* 29-70 days: 50%, or deposit if greater
* 15-28 days: 70% or deposit if greater
* 14 days or later: 100%
Cancellation charge shown as % of total break price, excluding insurance premium. Insurance premiums purchased with Transun are not refundable.
You may be able to make a claim to recover the cost of your holiday, if your cancellation falls within the terms of the insurance policy offered with your Transun break. Clients taking alternative travel insurance should refer to their own policy.

After you’ve travelled

What happens if I want to make a complaint?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your holiday, then please do let us know.
If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (eg the hotelier) and our local agent or representative immediately, and fill out a complaint form. We need you to follow this procedure, otherwise we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint while you are overseas and this may affect your rights under the terms of your holiday contract with us.
If the problem is not resolved locally, and you would like to make an official complaint, please write to us within 28 days of your return home, addressing Client Relations at Transun Travel, 1a Iffley Road, Oxford OX1 4AS.

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