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Lofoten Islands and Lapland Tundra

Northern Lights holidays Mountainous islands of Lofoten
Northern Lights holidays Lofoten houses
Northern Lights holidays Lofoten fishing village
Northern Lights holiday Lofoten boat trip
Northern Lights holidays Mountainous islands of Lofoten Northern Lights holidays Lofoten houses Northern Lights holidays Lofoten fishing village Northern Lights holiday Lofoten boat trip

Lofoten and Lapland

Join us on a wonderful visit to the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway, deep inside the Arctic Circle. Lofoten is famed for its rugged natural beauty, its towering peaks and sheltered inlets. The imposing landscape is coloured by the bright fishermens’ rorbu of the waterfront, situated at the foot of the mountains. This exciting twin-centre holiday also gives you the opportunity to journey deep into the wilderness of the Arctic Circle, where the snow-filled tundra of Lapland contrasts with the snow-capped mountains of Lofoten. Why not try your hand at ice fishing on the River Mounio, or try your hand at mushing your own husky sled?


What's included

  • Return flights
  • Ground transport
  • Half-board accommodation in Svolvaer, Lofoten
  • Half-board accommodation in Karesuando, Lapland
  • Loan of thermal suit and boots in Lapland
  • Husky sled experience
  • Snowmobile adventure
  • Northern Lights forest trek


What We Love
  • Journeying through the Arctic between Lofoten and Lapland
  • Wandering around the quiet waterfront at the foot of the Lofoten mountains

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Suitable For

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups

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Seven night breaks on selected dates from February - March 2014. To enquire about availability and further pricings, please call our Arctic specialists on the telephone number at the top of this page.


Seven Nights

 Depating From


Prices From


Sun 8 Feb



Sun 1 Mar


 London Gatwick

Sun 15 Mar


Price Includes

  • Return flights
  • Ground transport
  • Half-board accommodation in Svolvaer, Lofoten
  • Half-board accommodation in Karesuando, Lapland
  • Loan of thermal suit and boots in Lapland
  • Husky sled experience
  • Snowmobile adventure
  • Northern Lights forest trek

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On this unique two-centre break, you will experience the majestic mountainous islands of Lofoten, and journey through the spectacular scenery of the Arctic before arriving in the wilderness of Lapland. This seven-night break includes three nights in the Lofoten Islands and four nights in Karesuando, Lapland.

Day One

We fly to Kiruna deep in the heart of Swedish Lapland, arriving in the early afternoon. From Kiruna we set off on a magnificent journey through some of the most memorable scenery and passing some of Swedish Lapland’s major landmarks, including the Abisko national park with its magnificent peaks and Laporten the giant gateway through the Swedish Alps - the route the Sami people take each year as their reindeer migrate. As darkness descends it will be time to relax until we arrive at Svolvaer, Lofoten’s capital, at around 10pm local time and check into your accommodation, the Rica Hotel, which is on a half-board basis.


Days Two-Three

These two days in Lofoten are spent at your own leisurely pace, exploring all these wonderful islands have to offer. Why not enjoy a boat trip down the Trollfjord? Orca whales are sometimes sighted here and keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of a white-tailed eagle! Or why not relax and enjoy strolling around the islands? The islands are linked by bridges and the architectural heritage of timber-boarded properties is wonderfully unspoiled. Nearby, at Lofotr Viking museum, you can visit a reconstructed Viking longhouse, learn about the Viking lifestyle and Viking mythology and see fascinating archaeological finds. (Excursions can be arranged locally).


Day Four

Shortly after breakfast, you will continue your journey through the Arctic, heading to the snowy plains of Lapland (between 8 and 9 hours). You will be greeted in Lapland at your hotel of choice before enjoying a warming dinner.


Days Five-Eight

Whilst in Lapland your stay will include a number of excursions and activities, allowing you to experience the very best of Lapland before your return transfer to Kiruna for your flight home (approx. two hours).


Included Lapland Excursions


Call of the Wild Husky Safari   

An unforgettable adventure into the wilderness, pulled by your own team of beautiful huskies. Two adults share a sled and dog team.

Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari  

An evening excursion when, with the night sky overhead, you head out through the wilderness to a vantage point in search of the Northern Lights. Two adults share a snowmobile.

Northern Lights Forest Trek

You will be guided on a walk through the forest to a spectacular viewpoint, overlooking the border-village of Karesuando. From here, you may be lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights dancing above the village.

Reindeer Camp

Learn about herding and lassoing reindeer from reindeer farmers. Then venture into the wilderness on a reindeer sleigh safari.

Snowshoe Introduction

This guided snowshoe tour is a fun and simple introduction to an age-old means of traversing the Arctic winter terrain.

For information and bookings, call

For information and bookings, call

Programme of optional excursions

There’s a full programme of Lapland excursions to add to this tour. You can add any of them when you make your booking.


Northern Lights Husky Safari   

An unforgettable adventure into the wilderness, pulled by your own team of beautiful huskies. Two adults share a sled and dog team.


2 Hours 


Fell Viewpoint Snowmobile Safari

A snowmobile tour to a breath-taking vantage point on one of the local fells, with far-reaching views. Based on two adults sharing a snowmobile. **


3 Hours


Ice Fishing by Snowmobile 

Travelling by snowmobile along the Victoria Route, you arrive at a frozen lake where you can try traditional ice-fishing. Once you have drilled a hole in the ice, you may even catch your lunch!


2 Hours


Snowshoe Introduction 

This guided snowshoe tour is a fun and simple way to view the spectacular scenery at a more leisurely pace.


2 Hours



Igloo Interlude 

An extraordinary experience! Inside, the igloo is surprisingly warm and cosy. There is a real bed for a comfortable night's sleep, with a snow surround and covered with reindeer hides.







All excursions are subject of minimum numbers and local conditions and are non-refundable. However, you will be automatically refunded the full price paid for your excursion if it doesn’t go ahead due to operational reasons.

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For information and bookings, call


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For information and bookings, call

The Arctic Winter

Winter in the Arctic Circle spans six months of the year, and as the season unfolds, there are different reasons to experience a winter break  here. Our Lofoten and Lapland tours run from January to March.  Winter temperatures in Lofoten are very mild considering the northerly location, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Indeed, Lofoten has the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude. 



  • This month marks the true beginning of an Arctic winter, with the year's first falls of virgin snow once more blanketing the landscape.

  • The polar nights being, which will eventually last 22 hours each day.


  • Now is the time to really experience the long polar nights, with 22 hours of darkness and the sun never quite managing to rise above the horizon.


  • With the harshest of the winter now over, the days are becoming a little longer, and the snow deeper underfoot.

  • If the weather is kind, you can experience polar blue skies amid the intense cold, while the northern lights still blaze frequently overhead.


  • This month sees the first traces of spring about the Arctic landscapes, although the snow remains deep and the days icy cold.


  • A wonderful month for an Arctic Spirit break. The deepest snows of the winter, combined with longer daylight hours and more moderate temperatures.

  • Many people consider March to be the best month for spotting the northern lights.

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Our Guests' Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you travel…

What documents do I need to take with me?

Your departure documents will be sent around two weeks before departure and will include airline and excursions vouchers. Iceland and Greenland are both outside of the EU and you will need a valid passport (with six months validity remaining) to travel to either of these countries. UK citizens do not require a visa to visit Iceland or Greenland. Citizens of other countries should check visa requirements with their Embassy or Consulate.

Are these breaks suitable for those with physical disabilities?

Whilst we are unable to offer any specialist facilities, our breaks in and around Akureyri do not require a great deal of physical exertion. Our Greenland breaks, however, would not be suitable for those who face physical challenges. 

How much luggage can I take with me?

The luggage restrictions vary depending on the airline, but the weight allowance is usually 20kg per person with dimensions not exceeding 158cm/62inches (L+W+H). Hand luggage is usually 5kg.

Can I buy duty free?

Yes. Since both Iceland and Greenland are outside of the EU, purchase of duty free is allowed.

In Iceland and Greenland…

What will the weather be like in summer?

The weather in Iceland and Greenland can be unpredictable. During the summer, the temperature in Iceland averages around 10oC. To check the weather before you travel, please look at: www.vedur.is/english

How much daylight will there be in summer?

Iceland and Greenland are close to the Arctic Circle and so enjoy long days during the summer. There are usually 21 hours between sunrise and sunset in June and July, and days are a little shorter in August.

Will I see whales on the whale watching excursion?

Whilst the chances of seeing the whales are very good, sightings cannot be guaranteed. In the event of an unsuccessful excursion, our operating partners may offer a complimentary trip. Should you wish to take advantage of a second outing, you should be conscious of other elements included in your itinerary.

What is the local currency?

The Icelandic Krona in Iceland and the Danish Krone in Greenland. We recommend changing currency prior to departure to get the best rate.

Is it expensive in Iceland and Greenland?

Not as much as it used to be. In recent years, prices in Iceland and Greenland have fallen in line with those of other Scandinavian countries whose prices are only slightly higher than the UK – this is also the case for food and drink.

What happens if I miss my flights/transfers/excursions?

Your departure documents will detail all the times of the flights, transfers and excursions in your itinerary. Please do make every effort to stick to these times and be aware of the time differences in the different countries. Transun cannot be held liable for missed flights, transfers or excursions, and any costs incurred from alternative arrangements must be met by the client.  

Who do I call in an emergency?

The emergency telephone number is 112 in both Iceland and Greenland. Should you need assistance in an emergency, please call the Transun UK emergency telephone line: (+0044) 7779 647 359. You should ensure that you have taken adequate insurance cover before you travel.

Tips from the Experts…

Remember to take…

We would advise travelling light, but there are a few things which we would recommend:
- Icelandic Krona / Danish Krone. Many places outside of Reykjavik and Akureyri will not accept payment by credit or debit card.
- Mosquito repellent (for those staying in Greenland).
- Sunglasses. The sun’s glare on the fjords and icebergs can be strong.
- Lunch and snacks. These are not included on the tours and can sometimes be purchased from your hotel. Please remember that lunch is not included on the Greenland Encounter daybreak.
- Rucksack. A rucksack will be easier to take around than a handbag.

Where to stay…

In Akureyri, we highly recommend staying at the Hotel Kea, and the Hotel City Center when in Reykjavik – but all the hotels featured in this brochure have been specially chosen because of their location and quality of service.

What to wear…

Iceland and Greenland enjoy mild temperatures during the summer, so you may find heavy coats and outerwear cumbersome. A light raincoat is recommended – just in case! Comfortable walking boots are recommended – especially for those travelling to Greenland. Those on the ‘At the Edge of the World’ tour will need to vacate their hotel room in Iceland whilst travelling to Greenland, and so we advise you to pack light. 

Making a booking

How do I check availability and make a reservation?

You can check availability in real time on this website. To book select your preferred departure date on the appropriate tour/holiday page and then you can work your way through our easy-to-use online booking process. Alternatively, you can call us on the number at the top of this page, or visit your travel agent.

Book with confidence

How accurate are the itineraries on this website?

Information on this website is correct to the best of our knowledge. Departure dates and prices are feed directly from our reservations system, and is constantly updated. All excursions and itineraries are subject to alteration and withdrawal in response to local conditions, timings and demand.

How do I know that my holiday is in safe hands?

We are a member of ABTA and so we are required to meet the high standard of service laid out in their Code of Conduct. For more information, see the Book with Confidence section of our website.
All our holidays are ATOL protected, which means that your money is safe even in the very unlikely event of our insolvency. For more information, see Book with Confidence section of our website.

After you’ve booked

What will happen after I’ve booked?

Once you’ve booked, we will email immediately email you a confirmation invoice. Please check all details carefully and advise us of any discrepancies within twenty four hours of receipt. Any changes made after this will incur an amendment fee.
You will also access to the My Booking portal on our website, where you can update your Advance Passenger Information, make a balance payment on your booking, and check your documentation.

Once I’ve booked, can I make a change to my booking?

Requests for changes to confirmed bookings should be made by the person who made the booking. Where we can meet a request, all changes will be subject to any applicable rate changes or extra costs incurred as well as any costs incurred by ourselves and any costs or charges incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers. Amendment costs are £25 per person per change plus any other supplier charges. Changes include (but are not limited to): holiday package, accommodation, passenger names, dates of birth.

Can I cancel my booking after I’ve booked?

If you or a member of your party wishes to cancel your booking, notice of your cancellation must be received by us in writing at our offices signed by the person who made the original booking. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect on the day it is received in writing at our offices. We recommend that you use recorded delivery, upon receipt of which the following cancellation charges will apply:
* More than 70 days: deposit only
* 29-70 days: 50%, or deposit if greater
* 15-28 days: 70% or deposit if greater
* 14 days or later: 100%
Cancellation charge shown as % of total break price, excluding insurance premium. Insurance premiums purchased with Transun are not refundable.
You may be able to make a claim to recover the cost of your holiday, if your cancellation falls within the terms of the insurance policy offered with your Transun break. Clients taking alternative travel insurance should refer to their own policy.

After you’ve travelled

What happens if I want to make a complaint?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your holiday, then please do let us know.
If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (eg the hotelier) and our local agent or representative immediately, and fill out a complaint form. We need you to follow this procedure, otherwise we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint while you are overseas and this may affect your rights under the terms of your holiday contract with us.
If the problem is not resolved locally, and you would like to make an official complaint, please write to us within 28 days of your return home, addressing Client Relations at Transun Travel, 1a Iffley Road, Oxford OX1 4AS.

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