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Frequently asked questions

Weddings bride and groom sign marriage certificate
Lapland weddings let your wedding be blessed by the northern lights
Hvar wedding rings on a calender on the date of the wedding
Lapland weddings stay in a traditional log cabin
Weddings bride and groom sign marriage certificate Lapland weddings let your wedding be blessed by the northern lights Hvar wedding rings on a calender on the date of the wedding Lapland weddings stay in a traditional log cabin

How far in advance do I need to book?
Weddings require a lot of planning, and our wedding co-ordinators are here to assist you every step of the way. However, you will need to confirm a minimum of 14 weeks prior to your wedding date. It is important to remember that you need to allow enough time to ensure you have the correct documentation required. We will advise you of everything you need to provide. Applications for your non-impediment to marriage certificate can take up to 22 days to be issued from the date of request from your local register office.

When can I get married in Lapland?
We offer weddings from November to April. However please note that for operational reasons, we do not offer weddings between 19 and 26 December. It is also important to consider the limited daylight hours in Lapland when planning your wedding. For more information regarding this, please speak to our wedding co-ordinator.

What should I wear?
What you decide to wear is dependent on personal taste. Some bridal parties prefer full snow suits and hats, while others stick to a more traditional wedding gown and shawl. We do recommend that, if you are planning to wear a sleeveless dress, you bring a warm shawl with you (our experts can organise cape hire if desired). Remember, temperatures average between -5 and -30 degrees at this time of year in Lapland. Warm and comfortable footwear is essential; the majority of our brides opt for white snow boots, with grooms wearing black. Your wedding coordinator will be able to offer further advice surrounding attire. We can provide snowsuits for your guests to wear free of charge.

How long does the ceremony last?
Usually no longer than 20 minutes, depending on what hymns/readings you have chosen. Civil ceremonies tend to be shorter than religious ceremonies, taking around 10 minutes.

Can I arrange a photographer through you?
Yes, we can arrange all aspects of your wedding, including a photographer.

Can I book flowers, a wedding cake and a hairdresser with you?
Yes, we will happily arrange a number of finishing touches for you, including bouquets, button holes and table arrangements. Please inform us of your colour scheme at least 10 weeks prior to the wedding. Please note that fresh flowers wilt very quickly in Arctic temperatures, so you may wish to bring your own silk flowers.

What will the wedding breakfast menu be like?
You will discuss the menu for your wedding breakfast with your wedding co-ordinator. Depending on your budget and preference, you may choose a traditional Lappish meal featuring local delicacies such as salmon or reindeer served with cloudberry jus. Or perhaps you would prefer a more British menu – the choice is yours! The wedding breakfast can be served as a three-course meal or a more informal buffet option.

How many weddings will take place on the same day as mine?
To ensure that we provide the very best service on your special day, yours will be the only wedding held in resort that day. Another local ceremony may be held before/after you in the ceremony venue, but within the hotel and reception venue, yours will be the only wedding on the day.

What paperwork do I need to organise?
Your wedding co-ordinator will advise you of all documentation required and will help ensure that all the relevant paperwork is completed accurately and within the required timeframes.

When marrying in Finland, you will be required to send the following by post at least one month prior to the wedding:

1. Request for examination of the impediments to marriage – this is a Finnish document and will be sent to you by your wedding co-ordinator.

2. Marriage in Finland form – this is a Finnish document that consists of two parts, one for the bride, and one for the groom. It will be sent to you by your wedding co-ordinator.

3. Passports (for both the bride and groom) – these must be copies that have been certified by a notary and apostilled*

4.Certificate of non-impediment – This can be obtained from your local registry office for approximately £75. This must be applied for at least three months before your wedding date and no more than four months prior to your wedding. It is vital that you follow these time scales to ensure validity. Must be the original and apostilled*.

If you are marrying in Sweden, the process is slightly different. Although the process is started by sending the documentation by post at least one month prior to the wedding, it is a requirement for the couple to complete the application in person - this must be done no less than five working days before the wedding date. When planning a Swedish wedding the majority of our couples stay for seven nights. Couples can arrive on Sunday, complete the application on Monday and have the wedding on Saturday, offering plenty of time to finalise the smaller details of the big day and enjoy the surroundings. Should guests not be able to attend for the full week, we offer flights on Thursdays giving them a three-night break to coincide with the wedding day. 

You will send a copy of your certificate of non-impediment,  along with an accompanying letter stating your wedding date, date of arrival into Sweden and contact details, one month before the wedding. When you arrive in Sweden, you will then complete the application by presenting the original paperwork, your passports and also completing additional paperwork. 

*Apostilled – Getting a document apostilled is to get it legalised by the Foreign Office. Overseas law often requires this to be done before a UK document can be used for official purposes within their country. See www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised for further information.  It costs approximately £30 for each document you require apostilled. 

Will the ceremony be in English?
Yes, all ceremonies will be in English.

Will I have a religious or civil ceremony?

A religious ceremony will take place at both the Hetta church in Finland and the Karesuando church in Sweden. A civil ceremony can be held within a traditional Lappish kota, whilst a religious and civil ceremony can be organised if your choice of venue is the Snow Castle in Hetta. 

Will my wedding coordinator be in Lapland with me?

As soon as you arrive in resort, you will be assigned an overseas wedding co-ordinator who will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day. Please note that whilst this may be a different person to your UK co-ordinator they will know all aspects of your special day. Depending on the service chosen, you may also need to meet with the registrar/vicar prior to your wedding day.

How do I transport my wedding dress?
If the aircraft has a crew locker, we may be able to arrange for your dress to be hung up inside the cabin. This would be confirmed before travel. As the majority of our flights are charter flights, we can arrange for extra hand luggage to be included. We will also provide a dress box to ensure that your dress is safely packed and ready to store in the overhead locker. We would not recommend placing your dress in the hold. Our hotels do not have pressing facilities.

How cold will it be in Lapland?

Temperatures rarely rise above freezing, with average temperatures in the winter ranging between -5C and -35C. The air in Lapland is quite dry, therefore -10C does not feel as cold as it would in the UK, however you will need a series of base layers under your thermal suit. Snow falls in Lapland between October and May and it is common to see thick snow cover at this time.

How much daylight will there be during the winter months in Lapland?

There are four to five hours of daylight during the winter months in Lapland. This is termed as 'grey light' in Finland and is usually between the hours of 10:00 and 14:30. (This may vary according to location.) Either side of these times, it will be as night-time. Snow ensures a good level of reflection which makes it possible to see where you are walking.The darkness adds to the magical setting of your surroundings and is often emphasised by using the light of fires and outdoor candles (where appropriate). Some wilderness areas may be without articificial light. 

Will I see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon which is dependent on a number of natural events combining to produce the appropriate conditions. Your wedding will take place in an area which has been officially designiated as part of the official Northern Lights route. (This is dependent on your chosen venue and accommodation). During your wedding break, we will make every attempt to take excursions to areas where there is little light pollution or to vantage points from which a large proportion of the sky can be seen. However, a sighting of the Northern Lights cannot be guaranteed. 

How much would a wedding in Lapland cost?
The cost will vary depending on your requirements. Weddings start at £7,995,  based on eight people and including flights, transfers, full board accommodation, the wedding ceremony and minibus transport to and from the venue. For more than eight guests, budget an additional £800 per person.

How long do we need to stay for?
The minimum duration would be three nights. However we would recommend that the bride and groom stay for seven nights to finalise preparations.

Will we have a private reception venue?
Whilst yours will be the only wedding reception on the day, the venue is likely to be also open to the public. However, depending on the size of your party and which venue you chose we may be able to offer exclusive use.

How much deposit do we need to pay?
You will need to pay a deposit of £200 per person. There may also be additional deposits to pay if you choose to book additional items such as a wedding cake and photographer.