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Whale watching holidays

Summer holidays whale watching in iceland
Sail alongside nature's majestic whales
Summer holidays watch humpback whales breach in arctic waters in iceland
See humpbacks breach in Arctic waters
Arctic holidays watch orcas in norway
Witness Orcas in their natural habitat

You scan the waters and suddenly your long journey is rewarded as one of Nature’s mightiest creatures surfaces in front of you. Your heart pounds as a huge whale, a leviathan of the deep, lazily rolls, exhaling loudly from his blowhole, so close the mist wets your face. You can even smell him! This, you know instinctively, is one of life’s unmissable experiences.

With Transun, you can enjoy whale watching amid the majesty of the fjords in Norway before crossing borders and exploring the Lappish wilderness that spans Sweden and Finland. Experience the true Arctic, a land of wonderful surprises!