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Why is Lapland the Perfect Place to Go Mountain Biking?

Posted By Daniel on 30/08/2013

For the energetic amongst us one of the greatest ways to witness the beauty of the Arctic Summer is to take to the road on the ecologically kind bicycle routes and highways of Lapland. Picture


Where's the best place to bike in Lapland?


The Enontekiö region contains 21 of the tallest mountains in Finland with Halti the highest at 1,324m and Saana at 1,029m rising above the village of Kilpisjärvi. This provides excellent and rather advanced terrain for the more experienced mountain bikers to find a challenge and all the while boasts incredible areas of natural beauty.


However, for the less advanced the Southern part of the municipality is less mountainous but still consists of lower level fells ((tunturi, which means hills towering above the timber line) to enhance their trek across the stunning plains of the area.


This balance of beauty, ecology, range of different challenges and unexplored feel, makes Lapland the perfect place to go on a mountainbiking holiday. 


So why cycle?


This is one mode of transport that is great for you AND the environment and is helping the Lapland tourist industry to preserve some of the cleanest air in the World!


Some benefits include:


  • Cardiovascular system – your heart and lungs make up your cardiovascular system and the fitter you become, the more efficiently they work. This means a better flow of blood through your body and a corresponding increase in the speed with which the oxygen is pumped through your system. It is made more effective by using equipment such as the bike, that works the heart and lungs slowly and to a pre-determined level.
  • Builds leg strength – Using a bike can help tone your quad, calf and glut (buttocks) muscles as well as strengthen your tendons, without any load bearing.
  • Optimises fat burning – Fat burning takes place when your heart rate is at around 65-75% of your maximum (your maximum is 220 minus your age for men and 225 minus your age for women). You can measure your heart rate manually or by using a monitor and by measuring your heart rate correctly you can then use the bike to help you burn fat and so lose weight.
  • Low risk of injury – Another advantage of cycling is that it is a non-load bearing form of exercise. By that we mean that your whole body is not being supported during your training as it is when you run for example. The very action of sitting means that a degree of pressure is being taken off your joints, meaning there is a reduced chance of injury.
  • Fun for all the family – this is an ideal family activity, with child seats and trailers enabling you to bring your family with you at virtually any age.
  • Great for the environment – bikes release NO C02 emissions and therefore are a great way to see a new country or area without having any negative effect on that country’s natural environment. Lapland has some of the purest air in the Lapland so mountain biking and road trip cycling are the perfect – ecologically sound – way to see the sights.


Whatever your travel mode of choice there is something for everyone in the Arctic Summer season and every year the main regions like Enontekiö welcome families and adult parties alike to this unique and un-spoilt area in the pursuit of purity, serenity and wellbeing in one of the cleanest environments in the World.



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