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Why are Scandinavians the happiest people in world?

Posted By Emma Simms on 31/01/2014


Why are Scandinavians the happiest people in world?

International surveys often report facts about the standard of living in different countries and they always have one thing in common, Scandinavian countries rank the highest! With fewer working hours, longer paternity leave, excellent education systems and an impressive standard of national health service, it’s no wonder the people of Scandinavia are so happy.


1.       Sweden’s popularity makes them a very cheerful nation!

The reputation institute rates Scandinavia very highly, with Denmark, Finland and Norway within the top 10 and Sweden was rated particularly high, second only to the United States. The study was based on the Swedes’ levels of feeling and respect for other countries. The happiness of the Swedish citizens was also measured on their levels of generosity, and the number of people they could lean on in times of trouble. 

 2.       Smiling faces in polite Denmark!

Recent research suggests that what makes the Danes so happy is their trust in new people. This is because it is uncustomary for Danes to judge others before really knowing them. Research proposes that the ability to trust in others improves our chances of happiness, their trust and willingness to change anything they do not like in their lives make Denmark a very accepting and happy nation!


3.       Finnish Mums are the happiest in the world!

In 1930 the government introduced a plan to supply all pregnant women with a ‘starter kit’ which provides them with a mattress, clothing, sheets, toys, snow suits which is even used as a first bed for the new-born. The idea was to give all children an ‘equal start in life,’ and 95% of expectant mothers choose to receive the box rather than the 140 euro supplement because the box is worth so much more.  To receive the box women must go to see a doctor or to a pre-natal clinic before their fourth month of pregnancy. Past reports have stated that Finnish women are the “happiest in the world” and many related this to the box and how its tradition has become a rite of passage for Finnish women.


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