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Finland and Lapland: How to find Santa!

Posted By Mark Price on 21/10/2013

PictureIn Finnish tradition the borderlands of the country are likened in shape to the national personification of a Finnish Maiden (suomi-neito) or a one-armed human. Finland borders with the Russian Federation in the east, with Norway in the North and Sweden in the North-West but most of the borderline is coastal.

The rugged coastline, formed by continental glaciers, is mostly Swedish-speaking. So also, are the inhabitants of the thousands of islands that make up the Finnish archipelago in the Baltic Sea.


Interior Finland is made up of 69 % forest and has the largest natural lake district in Europe. There are at least 188,000 lakes, 50,000 of which are over 200m wide. This huge inland lake district stretches all the way east to Russia.

Upland Finland (Lapland) is part of the Arctic Circle where temperatures can drop as low as -45 to -50 degrees Celsius.

Finnish Lapland sees long winters from October–March when, due to the northern proximity, the daylight hours are short.

The long nights and clear, open skies mean that Finnish Lapland is the ideal place to view one of the natural wonders of the world, the Northern Lights, so why not explore Lapland with Transun?

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