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Transun Photography Workshop

Posted By Transun on 02/10/2014


Last night, Transun organised a fantastic night-time photography course - our first ever event for bloggers!


Transun offers numerous Northern Lights experiences deep in the Arctic Circle of Northern Finland and Sweden and we decided this night-time photography class would be a great way for bloggers to learn some top tips from a professional photographer on how to take excellent photographs, whether it’s during a cool evening in Cardiff where our class was held, or in the more challenging conditions of the Arctic.


Our guests, all lifestyle writers, were expertly guided by Simon Caughey-Rogers from Iguana Photography, whose enthusiasm and cheeky sense of humour soon warmed them (and us!) up in the cool Welsh evening!


Star Pupils

Out in the brisk night air, Simon, a member of the Royal Photographic Society, taught our budding photographers how to compose and take the perfect shot in the dark, with our daring bloggers leaving auto mode to configure aperture, exposure and focus. 


Simon’s expert guidance saw our bloggers take great photographs using the natural light of the moon and stars to capture some spectacular images of the night sky. 


Picture Picture

Although scientists predict a Solar Maximum this year, meaning the Northern Lights will be more frequent this winter, the Aurora Borealis were not witnessed as far south as Wales where our event was held. But in Karesuando, our resort located on the Official Northern Lights Route in Northern Finland and Sweden where Transun operates its Arctic Spirit and Santa breaks, there have already been two sightings of this illusive phenomenon.


Cold Snaps


So what were Simon’s top tips for taking photographs in a colder environment?


- The most important aspect is to hold the camera in a secure way to guard against shaking hands

- Always consider battery levels because the cold Arctic conditions will quickly drain the camera’s battery

- Always change your lens inside as the cold can damage the exposed camera and lens


Picture Picture



Everyone at Transun would like to thank Simon from Iguana Photography, the Chapter for letting us use their facilties, and all of the bloggers for making this a memorable evening for all concerned.


You can find some of the fantastic photography from the event on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #experiencetransun

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