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Top tips to keep warm in the Arctic

Posted By Transun on 07/11/2014


As goose bumps begin to emerge on our arms and legs and we become more aware of the creeping outside chill, we know that we’re fast approaching into Mother Nature’s most bitter months of the year!


For those of you who have a spectacular Arctic voyage ahead of you, here at Transun we’ve put together our top tips to help you stay snug whilst exploring the beautiful, snowy landscapes deep inside the Arctic Circle.



1. Good insulation:

An important question for many is ‘what to wear in the Arctic?’ Our top tip is a simple and obvious one: it’s all about the insulation!  This comes in the form of specially-designed clothing, such as the thermal suits and boots that are provided on one of Transun’s trips, which ensure your body is protected from wind chill and unforgiving Arctic weather types. Of course, wearing extra under thermal layers, as well covering up your mitts, neck and head is crucial for keeping nice and toasty whilst Mother Nature attacks with her white snow showers and icy blizzards! It’s been recommended by experts that you should wear at least four layers of warm, breathable, quick-dry thermals and fleece is the optimum material to layer-up in! If you have an upcoming trip with Transun, you can view our full range of travel tips which will help you with the dreaded packing of your winter gear!




2. Stay on the move:Picture

As you can probably guess, winter in Lapland witnesses a dramatic drop in temperature from its autumnal predecessor, so make sure you keep your muscles busy whilst out in those sub-zero temperatures! Get the heat and adrenaline flowing through your bones by trekking, skiing or even mushing a team of excitable huskies. Our selection of Lapland trips cover a fantastic range of energising activities from cross-country skiing to late night forest treks in hunt for the eminent, Aurora Borealis, which are sure to keep the blood pumping around your body!




3. Eat and drink plenty:

Making sure you pile on the calories and drink plenty of hydrating fluids whilst exploring the Arctic wilderness is really important for keeping warm. Being outside in freezing climates means that your body must work extra hard in order to stay at a safe temperature, and therefore eating high-calorie meals and snacks will help your body combat the chill! We recommend gorging on chocolate, macadamia nuts, bacon and buttery foods (It’s a hard life, hey?).




4. Always keep a dry set of clothing:

Water and freezing temperatures are not the best of mates. On the occasion that you get a tad wet during a snowball fight or whilst tobogganing, make sure you’ve packed plenty of warm and dry clothes to change in to straight away. Your body will definitely thank you for this!


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