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Top five ways to experience Lapland in summer

Posted By Transun on 03/10/2014


When you think of the Arctic Circle, you’ll think of snow-clad landscapes and the home of Father Christmas but the Arctic Circle has another magnificent side under the warmth of the summer sun. Once winter’s cloak of snow has retreated, the beautiful landscapes of fells and forests are revealed in all their glory and for eight weeks in the summer you can explore this incredible wilderness for 24 hours a day – thanks to the Midnight Sun! Here are our top five ways to experience summer in Finnish Lapland:


1. Mountain Biking
Arctic Lapland is perfect for mountain biking, and is a popular location for many cyclists, whether it’s riding through the celebrated Archipelago Trail in the West Coast of Finland or the wilderness tracks that weave their way through the fells of the north. Finnish Lapland is the perfect for mountain biking. Finland offers a back to nature experience, where cyclists can breathe in some of the cleanest air in the world.Picture

2. Canoeing
The many lakes and rivers in Arctic Circle Lapland – bound with thick ice in the winter – are tranquil and calm in the summer and are ideal for canoeing. Lake Ounasjarvi, found in the Hetta region, is source to the longest river found within the Finnish borders. Under the unforgettable glow of the Midnight Sun, paddling through the gentle waters is to truly experience nature’s beauty - something that the Finnshave long enjoyed and you can now share.



3. Yoga 

Beside one of Lapland’s picturesque lakes is an idyllic setting to hold those ‘downward-facing dog’ poses in an early morning yoga class. During the summer months, Lapland is a sanctuary of calm and tranquillity, offering the perfect place for those looking to escape and unwind. Alternatively, you can practice the salute to the sun beneath the unique rays of the Midnight Sun.


4. Fishing
With unspoiled landscapes and crystal clear streams and lakes, Finnish Lapland is home to specimen fish, from trout and salmon to grayling, perch and pike. Whatever time of day you decide to seek your quarry, you will be surrounded by forests, fells and unspoiled nature on all sides.


5. Hiking
The only problem with hiking in Finnish Lapland is deciding when to go. In summer you can explore the spectacular terrain under the golden glow of the Midnight Sun but as the first signs of frost appear, hikers are greeted with the vibrant colours of autumn, known as ‘Ruska.’ Climb to the top of an ancient fell and feast your eyes on the pallet of colours that rivals the New England Fall.

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