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Top 10 Finnish Foodstuffs

Posted By Lucy Sanderson on 23/09/2013

Traditional Finnish food is full of berries, wholegrains and fresh fish, all of which are renowned for their health-giving benefits.

In essence it is similar to traditional British food, w ith lots of warming soups, stews and pies, to keep the winter chill at bay.


Finnish food is perfect eaten next to a comforting log fire - good for the heart and the soul! It was diffcult to
decide, with so many delicious dishes to choose from, but here are our top 10 Finnish foo d specialties:

1. Taftetty Havki or Tai Kuha - pike stuffed with rice and hard-boiled eggs, topped with breadcrumbs.

2. Janssonin- an oven-baked dish of potatoes and anchovies.

3. Kalakukko- a pie with a bread-style crust, filled with fish and meat.

4. Karjalanpiirakat – small pu -pastry pies with a rice filling.

5. Taatelikakku – A date cake with a special addition – coffee - Finland is one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world.


6. Graavilohi- Salted salmon garnished with plenty of fresh dill.

7. Ruisleipa or hapanleipa – dark rye crispbread.

8. Lakkalikoori – a sweet liqueur made of cloudberrys, a juicy but tart berry native to Finland.

9. Poronkaristys – last but not least – the Laplandish delicacy of sautéed reindeer!

10. Mustikkapiirakka – blueberry pie is a very traditional Finnish desert.


Why not sample these foodstuffs on a trip of a lifetime to Lapland?

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