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The Transun guide to Scandinavian Restaurants

Posted By Transun on 21/10/2014


The UK’s links to Scandinavia are steeped in history, from when the Vikings invaded our shores and ruled our lands. They are in our place names, our language and our blood!


We also see them in our imports. Whether it’s your favourite toy, furniture store or television show, the Scandinavians are invading Britain again.


What about food? Scandinavian eateries are increasing in popularity in Britain, but you may not know where to get authentic food from the likes of Norway, Finland and Iceland.


Our guide to Scandinavian restaurants will have your eyes light up like the Aurora Borealis and will be available for download soon - watch this space!


Northern Bites: Scandinavian Foodie ParadisePicture

Unlike their Viking ancestors, Scandinavia has a thriving and sophisticated food scene both within their own countries and in the UK.


From Swedish cafes to Icelandic burger joints, there’s a Smörgåsbord of great places to eat right here in Britain – and that’s not including meatballs in IKEA!


Of course, if you want to get the authentic experience, you may want to go there yourself. To see the best of Scandinavia, we’d recommend you explore both the city and wilderness to appreciate the variety of its landscapes and food.


Plus, after a trek through the forest to see the Northern Lights, you’ll build up your hunger nicely. The sophisticated city of Tromso will be a welcome break and a chance to enjoy some world class restaurants. 


However if you’d rather enjoy the likes of Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns), Inlagd sill (pickled herrings) or Biksemad (roast pork dish) in your own country, Transun’s guide to the best Scandinavian restaurants will have you licking your lips in anticipation. Vel bekomme!


Tasting these delicious dishes here in the UK is all well and good but with our Northern light tours, trips to Norway and Sweden departing daily you really could be enjoying these Scandinavian delights first hand. Find out more by clicking on this link


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