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The benefits of cross-country skiing

Posted By Transun on 23/01/2015


Why spend hours ploughing away on the running machine or cross-trainer, when you could embrace nature, revitalise your inner and outer body and all-the-while have a jolly good time doing so? An ever-popular winter mode of transport in Scandinavia, and these days widely considered a form of ski ‘touring’, cross-country skiing offers fantastic freedom.


Here’s why it’s one of the best outdoor sports out there!


1. Amazing physical benefits

Firstly, cross-country skiing is a low-impact sport and rather than focusing on a specific body part, it uses the whole body. Not only does this mean that one particular muscle group isn’t overstressed, but activity can be endured for hours, and unlike running, there are no shocks to the knee joints. Cross-country skiing employs every major muscle group which burns a lot of energy and calories; it’s a brilliant way of keeping trim and in one hour, a cross-country skier can potentially burn double the amount of calories as a downhill skier.


2. Embrace the climb

The occasional steep uphill on a cross-country course is demanding, yet wonderful for your body. Clambering up a hill is similar to a miniature sprint and will get your heartrate racing! Researchers have shown that incorporating short bursts of intense activity into your workout can result in a far more effective and time-efficient exercise session. Of course it is possible to insert similar bursts of energy into different styles of workouts, such as cardio machines, but the rolling cross-country ski course integrates them naturally (since you’ll slide backwards if you don’t keep pushing!).


3. Social wellbeing

Cross-country skiing is easy to pick-up and can be learnt from a young age, therefore it’s the perfect sport for family and friends to enjoy together. It is also highly therapeutic as, not only are endorphins released whilst exercising, but being absorbed by beautiful, pine-forested landscapes offers an ideal space for inner thought and self-mediation.


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If you’d like to get back to nature, traverse beautiful and serene landscapes and revitalise mind, body and soul, then book yourself on to one of Transun’s Cross-country Ski Lapland trips for a truly unforgettable Arctic holiday. Alternatively, you can add on our Cross-country Ski School and Tour excursion to any of our Northern Lights tours.


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