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Escape the crowds: ski in the Arctic!

Posted By Transun on 06/09/2010

PictureWe want to let you into a little secret: Lapland isn’t all about Father Christmas and the Northern Lights.


Thousands of skiers will head for the crowded slopes and concrete ski hotels of southern Europe and America this winter.

But in Lapland you can have miles of the deepest, whitest powder all to yourself.


If you want to challenge yourself on a Transun Arctic expedition, the cross-country runs on fresh snow or a beginner’s class to learn the skills means Lapland is the perfect environment.

The only crowds you will see are the reindeer – there are 20,000 of them here compared to just 2,000 people!

A two-hour Cross Country Ski School and Guided Tour costs £70 with ski hire £50 for three hours.

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