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Santa Claus: the myths and legends

Posted By Transun on 28/10/2010

PictureSanta Claus is one of the most famous and best-loved figures in the world. But where did he come from, why do we visit Santa in Lapand, why does he deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve and how does he race across the globe in just one night?

We’re lucky enough to know the man himself, so we put all these burning questions to him. But chuckling to himself, he refused to answer! He simply said: “I enjoy all the mystery and stories that surround me. I prefer to leave it to the children’s imagination to decide what’s true.”

So we’ve done our own research. Here is the lowdown on the most famous of Santa legends, but it’s up to you what you choose to believe! Many people think Santa’s origin lies in the story of St Nicholas. St Nicholas was born in the late 3rd century in Greece to wealthy parents but was orphaned as a young child. He became dedicated to the church, giving to the poor and using his wealth to help other people.

However, he was very modest and didn’t want people to know he was giving them gifts. It is said that he once dropped a sack of gold down the chimney of a poor family’s house, landing in a stocking that was hung by the fire. This started the tradition of how Santa delivers his gifts.

St Nicholas was ordained as a Bishop at an early age and soon became known as a protector of children, devoting his life to helping the sick and poor. The day of his death, December 6, is celebrated all around the world as St Nicholas day. His connection with the modern day Santa is strong. So what do you think? Does Santa Claus originate from St Nicholas?

As Mr Claus told us: “I guess you’ll never know…”

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