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Five things you didn’t know about Sami People

Posted By Transun on 09/09/2010

PictureFive things you didn’t know about Sami People:


1. They are Europe’s last remaining nomadic tribe and are classified as aboriginal people.

2. There are 75,000 Sami inhabiting a vast area across Norway, Sweden, Finland and even into Russia

3. They have 400 different words for reindeer according to gender, age, colour and shape

4. Their main livelihood is reindeer herding. Only people of Sami descent can legally own reindeer.

5. They believe everything has a ‘spirit’, including animals, mountains, rocks and plants.

To learn more about the Sami people, you can join Transun’s half-day tour to the Sami Museum and Snow Castle at Hetta during your Finnish experience.

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