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New for 2012 - visit the edges of the earth with Transun

Posted By Transun on 09/02/2012

PictureTransun are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest new product – Polar cruising! We’ve been trawling the extreme edges of the planet to discover the best possible voyages for wildlife, scenery, comfort and adventure.

Our portfolio will include expeditions to the Arctic Circle, and the vast frozen continent, Antarctica. In the Arctic, we can offer you cruises around Svalbard, a hot bed for Polar bears and other unique wildlife. We will also take in Greenland, the world’s largest island made up mainly of an enormous ice sheet, but surrounded by stunning glacial scenery and home to some fascinating indigenous communities. Then there are two truly remote destinations: Franz Josef Land, an isolated archipelago north of Russia, with no native inhabitants but an array of mammals and birdlife; and the North Pole itself, a once in a lifetime destination and probably the most special destination you are ever likely to visit.

A scenic landing in the Arctic

Cruising in the Antarctic

Antarctica is a mythical land of legends and heroes, pioneers whose footsteps you can tread in relative comfort. The Southern Ocean can become choppy, but this is all part of the thrill, and our cruises are broken up by visits to islands such as South Georgia and the South Orkneys. On the vast landmass itself, there will be the chance to see emperor penguins and stop at Polar expedition basecamps, perfectly preserved in the freezing conditions to tell the story of this area’s relatively young human history.

At either end of some of these cruises, there will also be time to discover frontier towns like Longyearbyen, Ushuaia, Murmansk, and Kirkenes, as well as possible stop-offs in major cities like Buenos Aires and Helsinki. Each itinerary will be planned on a tailor made basis, with scheduled cruise dates forming the centrepiece.

For further details and bookings, please call 01865 265200

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