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Our top five travel photography tips

Posted By Transun on 16/01/2015


With the reign of Facebook and Instagram, we’re now able to share our incredible and awe-inspiring travel snaps, but just how do we take a great photograph?


Here are some of the best techniques for capturing that great shot:


Tip 1) Make the most of the natural lighting

Photographers will always advise you to take photos during the “Golden Hour” – this is the time immediately before sunrise or sunset and offers the very best lighting for capturing images of wildlife and nature.


Tip 2) Be imaginative

You don’t need to have the best equipment to capture a great picture; our favourites are those that have captured the imagination of the photographer. Natural, rather than contrived poses will serve to compliment your surroundings.


Tip 3) Invest in a decent lens

There’s nothing more irritating than being able to spot a white-tailed eagle dart across the sky, or witness the Northern Lights dance above you, but have a substandard lens on your camera! No matter what camera you buy, be sure to invest in a good lens, as you never know what may lurk beyond your peripheral vision.


Tip 4) Try somewhere new

The best images are those taken in unusual places. Of course we’ve all seen that beautiful, but typical beach shot, but what about trying to make us green with envy because you’re experiencing something truly interesting?


Tip 5) Be Patient

There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing some of the world’s most incredible wildlife than in their own, natural habitat. But like all great things in life, you may have to wait in order to capture something special – don’t worry, it will be worth it!

Picture Picture Picture

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