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Our Top Five Experiences in Tromso

Posted By Transun on 19/09/2014


Last week I was lucky enough to experience one of Transun’s once-in-a-lifetime trips to Tromsø. Although my time was limited to a particular stunning Norwegian afternoon, with clear skies, sunshine and a brisk cool breeze, I managed to sample some of the many things to do in Tromsø which makes this vibrant city such a pleasure to visit. 


So here are my top five experiences from my afternoon in Norway’s northernmost city.


1. The harbour in Tromsø is the heart and soul of the city, and I made a conscientious effort to spend some time simply strolling along the waterfront, taking in the sights and smells of the harbour. From local fisherman bringing in their catch of the day with their loyal dog companions at their side, to the restaurants filled with people enjoying the fresh produce along the front, the harbour is a hive of activity. And the old wooden warehouses running along the harbour provide that unique backdrop synonymous with Scandinavia.


Picture Picture

2. The fabled Arctic Cathedral dominates the skyline of Tromsø. The distinctive look and situation of the cathedral has it commonly referred to as Norway’s answer to the Sydney Opera House, and the building is just as striking in reality as it is the photographs. Although I did not have time to visit the building’s interior, the view from the harbour of the cathedral with the imposing mountains in the background was a truly spectacular sight.


3. No city experience is complete without the obligatory perusing of the local shops. The main shopping street of Tromsø is abuzz with local stallholders selling local handicrafts and there are a variety of individual, boutiques, vintage shops - and of course the obligatory big woolly Christmas jumpers can be bought in abundance in plenty of shops in the main street! To savour the atmosphere, I had a cup of tea sitting outside one of the numerous coffee shops; with complimentary reindeer skins and blankets to keep you warm in the fading sunlight of the afternoon, it was a fantastic way to watch the world go by.


Picture Picture

4. After a quick stop at one of the delicatessen (…and patisserie, all the exploring makes you hungry!) I managed to view a great exhibition in one of the various galleries littered around the city. The picturesque paintings of Tromsø, the surrounding landscape and the Northern Lights displayed over three floors provided a cultural insight into the city. And it was not only the paintings that were stunning, but the views from the gallery windows overlooking the harbour were an artist’s dream also!


5. Although my time in Tromsø was short and sweet, I made sure I had time to experience the exhilarating Fjellheisen cable car in my last few hours in the city. At 420metres above sea level the ride up Storsteinen Mountain is not for the faint hearted, but the panoramic views of the northernmost city in Norway makes it an experience not to be missed. With the iconic Arctic cathedral, wooden houses, harbour and mountainous landscape, the ride during the final hours of the setting sun was definitely the most memorable way to finish my day in this distinctive city.

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