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Our Top 10 Facts About Sweden

Posted By Transun on 05/06/2015


As tomorrow is Sweden's National Day we're taking a look at our favouritePicture things about this fascinating Scandinavian country. Ikea, Swedish meatballs, ABBA – obviously! But what other weird and wonderful facts are there to know about Sweden? Well here at Transun we have delved deeper into the country that boasts annual viewings of the Northern Lights and have complied our top ten list.


1) A popular souvenir in Sweden is the road sign for 'moose-crossing'. Every year a huge number of actual signs are stolen from Swedish roads.


2) Pippi Longstocking was created by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.Picture


3) 98% of people in Sweden speak English.


4) Sweden is so efficient at recycling that they have actually run out of garbage – so they are now importing rubbish from their lovely neighbour Norway.


5) The official twitter account of @Sweden is given to a random Swedish citizen every week to manage.


6) Sweden’s Volvo made the three-point seatbelt design patent open soPicture that other car manufacturers can use it for free, in the interest of safety. This three-point seatbelt design saves one life every 6 minutes.


7) Sweden is believed to home one of the world’s densest populations of moose.


8) The Eurasian lynx, the largest cat in Europe, is the third largest predator in Sweden after the brown bear and the wolf.


9) The marine propeller, refrigerator, computer mouse and the pace-makerPicture are all Swedish inventions.


10) There had to be at least one ABBA reference in our top ten, and this is it! ABBA is the fourth best-selling music act in history after Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. The group has sold over 375 million records worldwide and at one point, ABBA was second only to Volvo as Sweden’s biggest export earner.



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