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Nordic National Emblems

Posted By Transun on 30/05/2015


May for our holiday destinations has been a month of national pride. From May Day celebrations, to Norway National Constitution Day to of course – the Eurovision! So we thought here at Transun, why not round off a rather patriotic month with the national animal, bird and flower emblems of our Lapland holidays destinations.

Animal: Brown bear. There are approximately 1500 brown bears in Finland, with the majority located on the Eastern border with Russia. Did you know the Eurasian brown bear can weigh up to 300 kilos - that’s a lot of food for a teddy bears picnic!
Bird: Swan. Now this just isn’t any old swan, this is the Whooper swan which is featured on the Finnish 1 Euro coin and according to folklore is the bird which the “swan song” saying derives from.
Flower: Lily of the Valley. With the melting of the snow and the springing to life of the fauna and flora in Spring, the lily of the valley is found in abundance amongst the Finnish forests – and as we know 70% of Finland is covered in forests – so that’s a lot of lily of the valley! It sounds as if Finland goes from one white landscape to another!

Animal: Elk. Have you ever wondered what the difference was between an Elk and a Moose? Well, an elk is a moose and a moose is an elk!! Confused!? Well, the word Moose is the American word for an elk!
Bird: Dipper. The white-throated dipper is a crafty little bird using its wings to seemingly swim under water! Almost like it is flying but under water these birds catch aquatic insect larvae, beetles and even small fish!
Flower: Purple heather. Blossoming in summer the purple heather can be found in abundance throughout Norwegian forests, fields and mountains and many Norwegians dry the heather and use it to decorate their homes throughout the year.

Animal: Elk. Yes the elk has made another appearance! But did you know in Sweden elk road warning signs are for ever being stolen by tourists!
Bird: Blackbird. The blackbird became the national bird of Sweden as a result of a newspaper poll in 1962 but beyond the charisma and distinctive song of this bird we are unsure as to why it was chosen!!
Flower: Twin Flower. The scientific name provides some indication for the reasoning behind their national flower. Linnaea borealis – borealis reflects the boreal forests of the Sweden and Linnaea honours the 18th Century Swedish naturalist, Carolus Linnaeus who developed the system of taxonomic classification.



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