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Who is Jack Frost?

Posted By Transun on 27/09/2010

Picture“Look out! Look out! Jack Frost is about! He’s after your fingers and toes!”  - Cecily Pike

It’s a dark, cold night here in Lapland and there is something whistling in the wind. Is Jack Frost on the hunt tonight to grab our fingers and toes?

The legend of Jack Frost has been whispered about for years, but who is he and how did the legend begin?

Jack Frost is said to have originated from the Russian fairytale, Father Frost – a story about an evil stepmother who hates her stepdaughter and orders her out into the cold and dark forest.

While she is sat in the fields, Father Frost comes to see her and she is polite and kind to him. He rewards her with a chest of beautiful clothes and she returns to the house to the horror of her stepmother.

Greedy for her stepdaughter’s gifts, she sends out her own daughter to meet Father Frost. But the daughter is rude to him and Father Frost freezes her to death.

Jack Frost is known for his elfish features and his cold, mysterious appearance in the winter weather.

You can tell when he has visited as he leaves a trace of himself behind; a frosty crystal pattern on your window that only disappears once the sun begins to shine.

So will Jack Frost visit tonight? Nobody knows, just keep safe and warm under those covers of yours and remember – Look out! Look out! Jack Frost is about…

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