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How to build an igloo

Posted By Transun on 31/07/15


This month has seen soaring temperatures, surprise knockouts at Wimbledon, a thrilling British Grand Prix and numerous attempts at the perfect BBQ in the wet, miserable downpours that have hit the Isles this past week.


With the soaring temperatures that were felt throughout the UK during the beginning of July, here at Transun we were day dreaming of cooling down in one of our authentic ice-carved igloos. With a bed made out of ice and snow and reindeer hides for warmth we can’t think of a better way to keep cool!


However, for many indigenous populations in the Arctic regions, igloos are a fantastic way of keeping warm - a toasty 5 degrees! Taken from the famous ‘Nanook of the North’ 1922 documentary, the below film showcases the true art and skill of building an igloo.


If you would like to make your break to the Arctic extra special, why not stay in an igloo during your visit to Santa in Lapland or on one night of your Northern Lights holiday?

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