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From Tottenham to Tromso

Posted By Oliver Hardy on 08/11/2013

PictureTottenham recently locked horns with Norwegian outfit Tromsø  during their first Europa league group game. Spurs brushed Tromsø  aside with relative ease in the 3-0 affair at White Hart Lane, but the pair have unfinished business with a return leg scheduled for the 28th November.

Spurs will have to travel north to the soon-to-be-snowy city of Tromsø - and are in for a real treat. Known both as the ‘Capital of’ and the ‘Gateway to’ the Arctic, Tromsø is a picturesque city and one of the best locations to see the Northern Lights and also do a spot of Arctic whale watching.  Located 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and just 2000 kilometers from the North Pole, Tromsø  is a dynamic, colourful city home to the northernmost University in the world. It boasts a bustling nightlife, a lively cultural scene and numerous bars, cafes and nightclubs- which will more than likely be graced by the superstars of Tottenham, should the second leg be dealt with as clinically as the first. 

Let’s hope Tottenham have a better time of it than their London rivals Chelsea, who starred in the now infamous ‘snow game’ back in 1997- a game in which an orange ball had to be used for visibility reasons, as the snow made for almost unplayable conditions. Although if these notorious postponements are anything to go by, then the officials may well spoil the fun for us viewers. Long before the dizzying heights of the Champions League, Chelsea were pitted against Tromsø in the European Cup Winners' Cup in a match overseen by an extremely disgruntled manager-turned-pundit Ruud Gullit. The Blues lost 3-2 as they battled through the Arctic blizzard that had arrived during the half-time interval.  In the post-match interview Gullit said:

"For you to be able to play football you must see some green but there was none out there, only white. They even had to stop play twice to sweep the snow off the lines, that's how bad it was. You can not call that football.”

Gullit’s Chelsea seemed to be genuinely affected by the conditions, but the home leg posed no problems for Gullit’s men, as they went on to punish Tromsø  an embarrassing 7 goals to 1 in slightly more hospitable climes at Stamford Bridge.

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