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The Magical Fairy tales of Scandinavia

Posted By Transun on 01/11/2010

Scandinavian folklore is filled with tales of mermaids, witches, dragons and spirits, and every story has a lesson to teach us. This is our pick of the wise proverbs from Scandinavian folklore that still ring true today.


There is a need to protect one’s assets once they are got and not trust anyone a lot.

Comfortable and fast transportation is a deep need for humans.

The more valuable assets, the harder it may get to keep them.

Some forms of music have a good reputation for influencing the emotion of folks.


Both animals and children enjoy good music. Music speaks to the heart and both animals and children have it.

Times are tough when the task requires miracle items.

Grateful persons may try to help the considerate young ones still.

Some play to attract others, others play to send others away. The first is not the easier of the two.


Why not see Sweden for yourself and discover the beautiful landscape and fascinating culture that inspired these stories?

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