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Eerie beauty: Finland's Snow Trees

Posted By Transun on 26/09/2014


Imagine standing in front of a landscape that looks as though it belongs to another world. Imagine plumes of snow, rising up out of the ground like ghostly figures; majestic and eerie. The phenomena of Lapland’s ‘Snow Trees’ is just another one of the region’s breath-taking charms; an incredible demonstration of the awesome power of nature. This bizarre and beautiful world is unforgettable in the truest sense of the word and, what’s more, can be experienced to the full on one of Transun’s trips to Finland.


PictureThe snow fields of Lapland are undoubtedly one of Finland’s most sublime sights. Spreading for miles, their soft white appearance contradicts the harsh realities of sub-zero temperatures. It is these temperatures, in fact, that lead the trees to gather snow, frost and ice, turning them into seemingly living creatures. White masses gather on their branches, accumulating like giant baubles to create a landscape of haunting beauty.


Mythology surrounding Finnish trees and forests

The atmosphere in the snow fields becomes all the more consuming when you learn of the Finnish mythology behind the trees. Some say that they are, in all of their majestic wonder, frozen warriors of the North. Plus, it is not uncommon amongst Sami people to follow the belief that everything in existence has its own soul, which somehow seems an appropriate notion when observing the gnarled bodies of the Snow Trees. It’s as though you can see them creeping over the horizon, like giant protectors of a frozen world.



In true Finnish style, the mythology doesn’t end there. In fact, the stories surrounding Finnish woodland and trees are rich with magic, Gods and Goddesses. One of the scarier myths is that of Ajatar, an evil female spirit that is commonly known as ‘Devil of the Woods’. She spreads disease to anyone that so much as looks at her, and is thought to be the mother of the devil himself. Fear not, however, because there is a whole family of protectors present amongst Finnish forestry, including Tapio, the Forest God, and his Goddess wife Mielikki, who is known as a skilful healer and protector of cattle.


The myth of Lapland: a giant shovel of snow?

So how exactly did these beautiful Snow Trees become so, well, snowy? Sami legend has it that a monstrous giant named ‘Biegolmai the Wind Man’ created the region of Lapland with two huge shovels: one to whip up the wind, and one to pile on the snow. Well, monstrous he may be, but he did create one of the most beautiful spectacles on the planet, which is something you should consider when thinking about where to visit in Finland.



A once in a lifetime experience

The Snow Trees of Lapland are so unusual that they attract photographers from far and wide, all with the aim of capturing the magnificent landscape in their lens. Whether you are brandishing a camera or simply looking to witness one of nature’s great wonders, it’s highly recommend that you visit the Snow Trees at dusk. As the light takes on soft, pastel tones, a fog gathers around the trees to create a vision of immense beauty.


On a Transun holiday to Finland, you get to immerse yourself in this beautiful landscape in a truly authentic fashion. Travel through miles of arctic tundra, pulled by a team of huskies or on your own snow mobile. Stay at genuine wilderness cabins along the way and embrace the dramatic winter terrains. Most of all, enjoy a life changing experience that you’re guaranteed to never forget.










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