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Dr Stuart Clark, Transun's guest speaker

Posted By Transun on 09/01/2015


We at Transun are getting very excited about the forthcoming Northern Lights trips to Lapland as, on selected dates, not only will our trips be filled with exhilarating husky rides, snowmobile expeditions and forest treks, but we will also have the pleasure of welcoming Dr Stuart Clark, esteemed astronomy journalist, to give exclusive talks on the mystical workings of the wonderful, Aurora Borealis.

A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Stuart and The Independent placed him alongside Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of our time. Stuart’s career is devoted to presenting to the public the complex and compelling world of astronomy. He holds a first class honours degree in a PhD in astrophysics and was a former Vice Chair of the Association of British Science Writers.

Stuart spends his time writing books, as well as articles for New Scientist. Over the years Stuart has built up an impressive literary portfolio, having written for television productions and newspaper supplements such as: BBC Sky at Night, BBC Focus, The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, The Times Higher Education Supplement, Daily Express, Astronomy Now, Sky and Telescope and Astronomy. Amongst these, he somehow finds time to write an online blog for the Guardian called Across the Universe, read all around the world – phew!

Stuart is an experienced public speaker. For twenty years, he has presented illustrated talks across the UK and around the world. He excels at explaining the complex world of astronomy to the general public and his knowledge ranges from scientific history right up to today’s cutting edge discoveries. For those lucky individuals travelling with Transun deep into the Arctic Circle on a Northern Lights voyage, Dr Stuart Clark will be shedding some light on one of Nature’s true wonders.


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Here in the Transun office, we’re green with envy that we will be missing out on this fantastic opportunity! If you don’t want to miss out, there is still time to book your Northern Lights trip and hear the remarkable Dr Clark speak passionately about a topic close to his heart. Prices start from just £539 and our selected dates include:

- 11 January: 7 nights Aurora Hunter trip from London Gatwick or Bournemouth
- 29 January: 3 nights Northern Lights trip from Birmingham
- 01 February: 4 nights Northern Lights trip from Leeds Bradford

We would like to wish all of our Northern Lights hunters, as well as Dr Stuart Clark, a wonderful Arctic experience – we can’t wait to hear all about it upon your return!

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