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Digital Detox? How to achieve bliss

Posted By Oliver Hardy on 26/09/2013

‘Digital Detox’ was recently added to the Oxford Dictionary. And with 54% of us experiencing ‘Nomophobia’ (no-mobile-phone-phobia) it’s high time we temporarily ditched our devices. Here are the top five reasons why travelling is the perfect opportunity to do so… 



Become Free- Try out a break in Finland, leave your gizmos behind and why not ask the indigenous Sami local people for directions to the best vantage point on your No

rthern Lights experience, rather than resorting to the maps on your phone?! 


Health Benefits- Brits are spending 2 hours per day on smartphones (longer than we spend with our partners), so it’s little wonder that eye conditions are being blamed on our obsession for tech.  Using gadgets also affects our posture, so lose the laptop in order to fully appreciate what’s been called the ‘cleanest air in the world’.


De-stress- According to a Yougov study, 28% of people said they would check emails abroad and a massive 42% of people took their phones with them to the beach on holiday! As Important as

 technology is-don’t let it spoil the moment for you. A recent BBC article reported that a week in the great outdoors can also do wonders for your sleeping patterns. Apparently, widespread availability of electric lighting from the 1930s onwards has affected our internal ‘circadian clocks’ (body clock to you and me), allowing us to stay up much later than evolution intended. 

Relationships- It could be said that where we spend so much of our time on our electronic goods, our real-life friends and family are being left behind. Digital-Detoxing could lead to more frequent, genuine and engaging conversation than the usual day-to-day small talk that many of us are guilty of!

Experience more- With the onset of Snapchat, Instagram and Vine, people could now be missing a breathtaking landscape or natural phenomenon, simply because they wanted to share it with their digital friends. With the exception of a camera to take a few good quality snaps, all other mobile devices really could be done away with- Spontaneous sightings are often the best ones- make sure you don’t miss them.


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