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Christmas stocking fillers

Posted By Transun on 12/12/2014


Christmas stocking fillers


Here at Transun we are all getting very excited about jetting off for a magical Finland vacation to True Lapland and we’ve all been writing our Santa’s Wishlists in preparation for this season’s joviality. Here the hot Christmas topic has been about those good old fashioned stocking fillers…



Can you remember a Christmas where there was one toy that you simply must find in your Christmas stocking? Whether you were a child of the 1980s wanting the now iconic rubix cube, to the matchbox cars popular in the 1950s, or Lego which dominated the typical 1970s Santa’s Wishlist, each year there is one ‘it’ toy that all the kids are raving about. Latterly technology has taken over and the Xbox, not to mention any sort of Apple product, are the must-haves for majority of whippersnappers… quite a transition from the good old days of yo-yos and slinkies! So from the hype generated around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in 1990, what toys have topped the Wishlists since? And how many do you even recognise?


1990 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With phrases such as “cowabunga dude!” Living in the sewers with a wise old rat for a mentor, these crime fighting ninja turtles were huge!

1991 – POGs. A game of bottle cap size discs were an absolute hit back in the early nighties!

1992 – Barney. The cheery purple dinosaur cuddly toy (with an annoyingly catchy theme tune) was a Christmas favourite for this year.

1993-4 – Power Rangers. Yet another crime fighting team, all children had their favourite, were you team yellow or team red?

1995 – Beanie Babies. These toys commandeered the beds and carpets of all children during the 1990s.

1996 – Tickle me Elmo. Elmo’s first entry onto this list, who doesn’t want a little red critter laughing away at all times of the day…?!

1997 – Tamagotchi. These electronic toys were so popular, we remember schools banning them as children were playing sneakily (or not so much) with their cyber-pets under their desks!

1998 – Furby. Cute, but scary, yet hugely popular.

1999 – Pokémon. This was a phenomenon, from soft toys, to games, to clothing to TV shows, Pokémon was certainly a blinding hit!

2000 – Mini scooters. Still going strong even now, from children through to adults on their commute to work. Bikes are so last decade….

2001 – Bratz. These dolls gave Barbie a run for her money for a little while!

2002-3 – Beyblades. Another entry which we are unsure about, apparently it’s a Japanese device similar to a spinning top…

2004 – Robosapiens. Pretty self-explanatory.

2005 – Xbox 360. Here is the first of the technological entries into our list. Still highly popular today!

2006 – PlayStation 3. And another

2007 – IPod Touch. And another

2008 – Elmo. Elmo enters the list yet again, the cuddly toy gives parents a break from the technological gadgets

2009 – Nook eReader. We spoke too soon, the gadgets are back!

2010 – Apple IPad. And not to mention, again!

2011 – Elmo ‘let’s rock’. A rocking Elmo, almost as annoying as a laughing Elmo? We are undecided.

2012 – Tablet. This technological gadget is still going strong in 2014 and perhaps for a few more years to come?

2013 – Teksta Robotic puppy. Our final entry, a robotic puppy…well at least there are no vet bills!




If you have any personal favourites that aren’t on the list, we’d love to hear about them! Why not drop us a line via our Facebook and Twitter pages and rekindle that childhood Christmas flame?

If you’ll be spending your Christmas 2014 in Lapland, make sure you’ve completed the Santa’s Wishlist to give your private meeting with Santa that extra special touch of Christmas magic!

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