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Christmas in July

Posted By Transun on 24/07/2015



For many of us, Christmas does not spring to your mind during the summer months, but for those in the Southern hemisphere it certainly does! Christmas in July is becoming increasingly popular for those that experience summer in December and choose to celebrate Christmas again during the midst of their winter – two Christmases in a year! Some people have all the luck!



But the Christmas festivities are not solely limited to the Southern hemisphere – the 20-22 July was the World Santa Claus Congress in Denmark! During the congress, Santa’s from all around the world come to Bakken in Denmark and spent the days taking part in parades, competing in the Santa obstacle course world championships and relaxing on the beach with Mrs Claus!


Here at Transun, we have to agree that there is something just not quite right about a warm Christmas and we can see why our Southern hemisphere neighbours wish to celebrate Christmas during the colder months. Our trips to Lapland ensure that families receive a traditional, authentic Lappish Christmas in the heart of the Arctic Circle. From reindeer sleigh rides through the pristine white snow amongst snow-clad forests, families will stumble across Santa’s log cabin and enjoy their very own private family meeting with the Grand Old Man. With short breaks to Lapland running throughout November and December we think it is definitely the best time of year to celebrate Christmas! 




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