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Capturing the Northern Lights: A Photographic Experience

Posted By Steve Picton on 28/03/2014


For years I had hoped to take Juliet on that winter wonderland holiday she had always dreamed of, but like most things, life got in the way! So when I stumbled across Transun’s Northern Lights photo-shoot competition on Bristol airports Facebook page it seemed to be good to be true.


Juliet’s love of the snow is so infectious that I often drive over 75 miles to take her up to the Brecon Beacons in the hope of finding some snow, only to be confronted with a disappointing display! So I entered Transun’s competition in the hope of spending a few days buried in the deep snow!




To our surprise, our visit to Lapland was so much more than the beautiful snow, it was an adventure from start to finish. We spent the first few hours playing in the grounds of the Davvi Arctic Lodge hotel, up and down the toboggan slopes, smiles so wide, it was as if we had never seen winter before! Yes, we could of spent three days throwing snowballs at each other and still loved every second but luckily for us, the break was packed with thrilling activities.




PictureWe spent our first evening at the Davvi Arctic lodge sitting in front of the log fire, satisfyingly full from the evening buffet. The staff were so welcoming and we happily chatted with the other guests, enthusiastic for the rest of our trip. We then set off on a short walk through the snowy woodland to collect our thermal suits and boots. All warm and ready for the next few days ahead of us, we headed back to our room for an early night.



PictureWe spent our first morning at the husky farm, ready for our first adventure in the Arctic. We rushed to meet our team of huskies, all eager for their run across the frozen tracks. The morning began with an informative yet quick tuition as we joined the huskies and began our sleigh ride. Juliet sat in the front for the first half of the ride, with myself steering and braking. We cannot describe how much fun we had, screaming and laughing over the bumps as we tried to hold on. The journey was incredible and as we flew down the hill we took in the surrounding scenery, the only sound was the echo Juliet’s excitable screams!


We almost forgot that throughout the trip our memories were consistently captured by Transun’s professional photographer, who caught every smile and every new experience on camera. Not forgetting our most treasured gift of spotting the Northern Lights as we sped across the frozen lake on our snowmobiles. The night was exhilarating and the memories will stay with us forever.




The experience didn’t end there; a reindeer sleigh ride, a candle lit forest walk complete with a roaring fire to greet you at the top of the vantage point with a warm cup of Gloggi to enjoy. We weren’t ready to leave Karesuando, we squeezed in so much excitement into just a few days. We were greeted with such warmth and friendliness by all the staff and guests. We went to the Arctic to see the snow, and for that we found the perfect place, but we also gained a holiday of a lifetime and we cannot wait to return!


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Northern Lights photography tips

Getting a great image of the Northern Lights is no easy feat. Here are our photographer's expert tips for getting the best picture.

  • Steady your camera using a tripod
  • Put your camera's settings on manual
  • Set your ISO number to 1600
  • Set your aperture to F5.6
  • Set your shutter speed to 30 seconds

Now all that's left to do is wait for the perfect moment.



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