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Things to do before you die: visit the Northern Lights

Posted By Transun on 06/09/2012

One of the most jaw-dropping experiences on anyone’s Bucket List (things to do before you ‘Kick the Bucket’) is to witness nature’s greatest 
spectacle – the Northern Lights.

There aren’t many natural wonders that can match skydiving, flying a fighter jet and walking the Great Wall of China to get your heart racing. But nature's greatest spectacle - the Northern Lights proved that Mother Nature has some pretty incredible tricks up her sleeve to ensure she’s on anyone’s top 10 list of things to do.



A rare phenomenon over the last few months has meant the Northern Lights could be glimpsed as far south as Germany and Denmark. But for an unrivalled view of nature’s mesmerizing light 

The Northern Lights, also called the Aurora Beoralis, are different colours and shades of light that appear to be dancing across the night sky.show, the only place to be is close to its heart – the North Pole.

The unique show occurs when particles from the sun interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Most of the world is protected from these particles by the magnetic field of the earth except an oval shape at both the Poles, which is why this is where we can see the light.

Every so often, this oval ring expands and the light can be spotted from much further away. But nothing can compare with standing inside the Arctic Circle to see this unforgettable show at its best

Is seeing the Northern Lights on your Bucket List? It not, tell us what is!


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