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A husky is not just for Christmas…

Posted By Mark Price on 11/10/2013


Huskys are undeniably cute dogs with an extremely thick, furry coat that allows them to survive in temperatures as harsh as -76 degrees Celsius. Their huge paws, nicknamed “snow shoe feet”, spread their body weight and allow them to walk on heavily snow-leaden ground.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the husky is their famously beautiful and piercing eyes. Husky eyes can be blue, brown, amber or a combination of these colours. It is not uncommon to see huskies with half blue, half brown eyes (parti-eyed) or one blue eye and one brown eye (bi-eyed).


Huskies are native inhabitants of very cold places such as the Baltic States, Lapland and Siberia. For this reason, keeping them as pets can require specialist treatment and awareness of their native habitat. For example, huskies can be fussy eaters; in their natural habitat their bodies would be used to going without food for long periods of time so it is important not to over-feed them.

Although like most large dogs they require a fair amount of exercise, it is important not to over-exercise them in the summertime, as huskies are not used to warm temperatures. Huskies are good-natured dogs that make wonderful pets when their domestic lifestyle reflects their original habitat. 

You can meet huskies in Lapland and even experience 'mushing' your own team on a Transun holiday! 

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