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5 Weird and Wonderful Things to Do in Finland

Posted By Transun on 20/08/2013


Recently, Finland has coined itself a new name – ‘Finnwacky’ because of the unorthodox things Finns choose to do in their leisure time. Here we have selected some of the most interesting activities:

1. Sauna World Championship

Saunas are a tradition that remains a large part of modern Finnish culture. Finns take their saunas so seriously, that they host an annual Sauna World Championships. The name of the game is to endure the hottest temperatures for the longest amount of time. Timo Kaukonen currently holds the best record: he stayed in a 110 degrees Celsius sauna for three minutes 46 seconds.


2. Swamp football

As the name would suggest, this is essentially a game of football with the added difficulty of being played out in a swamp. There is a maximum of six players allowed on the pitch at any time, there is no offside rule. Although no player is allowed to change their boots throughout the whole match players can be substituted an unlimited amount of times.


3. Wife-carrying World Championships

Exactly as it says on the tin, this might just be the strangest of Finland’s various world championships, where contestants compete to see who can carry their wife the furthest. Paradoxically, Finland was also the first place to give women the vote and their president is female.


4. Nordic walking

The latest craze in Finland is a particular way of walking that involves ski poles. It looks a bit odd but don’t be fooled! By engaging the arms in exercise, as well relying on your body’s core strength, Nordic walking burns significantly more calories than regular walking.

5. Air Guitar World Championships

Every year in August the experts and enthusiasts in the air guitar world gather together for the biggest event in their calendar. The Air Guitar World Championships celebrated their 15-year anniversary in 2010 and is still very much going strong.


Why not visit Finland with Transun and experience ‘Finnwacky’ yourself!

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