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5 Top Tips for Writing to Santa

Posted By Transun on 29/08/2014


Autumn is in the air and children’s thoughts will soon be turning to what Father Christmas might bring. Transun are experts when it comes to Santa, so here are our top five tips for writing him the perfect letter…




Writing letters to Father Christmas became increasingly popular from the 1800s and is now among the numerous traditions surrounding Christmas. In 1889, Thomas Nast, the caricaturist whose delightful drawings of the Grand Old Man are credited for the modern portrayal of Santa, presented Father Christmas reading letters from the parents of children in ‘Santa Claus’s mail’ - perhaps this is where the tradition of writing to Santa began.


In England, these letters to Santa were placed at the back of the fireplace with the draught from the fire transporting the letter, via the wind to Father Christmas in Lapland. This traditional method of postage has now been overtaken with the help of the Royal Mail, a post box and no open fireplaces. Making sure the child provides their full name and address the Royal Mail will ensure Santa replies to all letters, as long as they are sent no later than the 6th December to the following address:


Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto


Although there are numerous postal addresses for sending a letter to Santa such as the North Pole, Father Christmas village Lapland, Alaska and the Arctic Circle to name a few. Being leading experts on the subject, Transun can assure you the grand old man’s secret hideaway is in True Lapland, deep inside the Arctic Circle. We have been taking thousands of families there for years, setting out on a thrilling search through the twilight forests for Santa and his little helpers...




So how do you write the perfect letter to Father Christmas? Here are our 5 top tips to ensure all children are placed on his nice list!


1. Are you on the naughty or nice list? Tell Santa you have been good this year, and make sure you give 2 examples, such as helping your family members. 


2. Thank him for last year’s presents.


3. Use the phrase ‘I would like’ not ‘I want’, politeness gets you everywhere!


4. Say hello to Mrs Claus and the elves and of course the reindeer, behind every great man there is a great woman and team of helpers!


5. Make sure you remind Santa that milk, cookies, carrots for the reindeer or maybe a cheeky tipple will be provided at your house for when he arrives.


Did you know…


During your Father Christmas Lapland short break, Santa gets a little help from parents, finding out all he needs to know about each individual child, from their favourite football team, to their hobbies. Just click onto the ‘my booking’ section of the website to find out more!

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