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10 Things You May (or May Not) Miss About Travel

Posted By Jo Baldwin on 23/08/2013

We couldn’t resist reminiscing about the good (and bad) old days of travel. 



How many of from this list below do you remember?

Remember when…


1. A well-thumbed copy of the Lonely Planet was your bible, and you found your way from ‘A’ to ‘B’ using a real life map, not an app!


2. The internet was just a twinkle in the eye - you’d have to make do with sending postcards home with your exciting travel news, or you’d have to wait until you got back home to brag!


3. Taking good travel photographs required a massive stash of 35mm film, which needed to be kept safe until you could get is processed on the High Street.  Cue a lengthy wait for your photos, of which at least 50% should have been deleted at source and inevitably included several fetching shots of the inside of your bag or the floor.  Thank goodness for digital!


4. You could take more than 100ml of liquids onto a plane in your hand luggage.   I’ve witnessed a fellow passenger unpack a bottle of gin, tonic and two lemons from his bag as the plane took off - certainly well prepared for a long journey!


5. The back row of the plane was reserved for smokers.  On some older aircraft you can still see ashtrays built into the armrests - a shameless reminder of how acceptable smoking used to be.


6. Tickets were made of real paper and often handwritten, not electronic - you couldn’t check in online and if you lost your tickets you were lost - literally!


7. There was no such thing as booking online - you always spoke to a real person!  (FYI - you can can book online or do it over the phone.)


8. You were allowed to visit the pilot in the plane’s cockpit and if you were really lucky, sit on his knee!


9. You carried all the money you’d need for your trip on your person - either as cash or traveller’s cheques, usually squirreled away in a money belt!  Thank goodness for ATM machines... On our Arctic trips, credit/debit cards are widely accepted, which means you don’t have to take much cash with you.  Sorry money belt - you’re staying at home!


10. There was no quandary over what souvenirs to buy the relatives.  Duty free was a genuine bargain - bottle of Kahlúa and a Toblerone, anyone?


Let us know what you miss or definately don't miss about travel on our Facebook page!

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