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5 Unusual sports from the Arctic

Posted By Transun on 23/04/2014


PictureIn previous blog posts we have discovered that the culture and customs in the Arctic are very distinctive. These differences apply from food to language to sport and entertainment. Sporting competitions in the Arctic involve a variety of activities and games. These games vary greatly throughout the various regions –here we have gathered some of the most distinctive games within the Inuit culture:


 High Kick – one foot, two foot

The aim of this game is to hit a target that is suspended in mid-air. The competitor prepares for the challenge in a running or standing positionwith legs no more than shoulder-width apart. There are two versions of this game – one is to strike the target with just one leg and the other is to use both legs.


Knuckle hop


For this game, the competitor hops along the floor on their toes and knuckles. The aim is to continue in this way for a longer amount of time, achieving a further distance than their competitors.



The name airplane is somewhat of a giveaway as to the nature of this game. A man lies facing the floor with their arms out, forming their body into the shape of an airplane. Four people then carry him by his limbs and walk along for as long as possible. The game is officially over when the stomach of the man being carried drops to the floor.


Head Pull


 Again the name of this game is fairly self-explanatory. Two competitors face each other, lying down with their heads and stomachs raised. A looped band fits over both of their heads, which they use as leverage to pull against each other. There is a line in the middle and the first one to pull their partner over the line is the champion.


Sledge Jump

The sledge jump is perhaps the most distinctive to the Arctic of all. The competitor attempts to jump over 10 parallel sledges in one consecutive jump! As you can imagine, this is difficult, so the first person to achieve it wins.


Our Arctic Spirit experience to Lapland is worth it just to try these games!


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