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Finnish Rugby

Posted By Transun on 30/10/2015


With the two giant heavyweights, Australia and New Zealand, facing off against each other tomorrow in the Rugby World Cup final, most people don’t even realise that Finland have a rugby team. They are 93rd in the world rankings out of a possible 102 nations.


Finland was the last of the major Nordic countries to take up rugby. Both Denmark and Sweden started playing in the 20th century and more recently Norway in the 1980’s. Finnish rugby started to grow during the 1990’s and there are now 577 players registered with the Suomen Rugbylitto.


Finland pla..


Slow TV: The phenomenon that has quickly taken over Scandinavia

Posted By Transun on 16/10/15

You may have read about it in the media, been one of 500,000 people that watched Slow Week on the BBC back in May or been lucky enough to experience it in its homeland of Scandinavia. Since 2009, Slow TV has drifted into homes across Norway, Finland and Sweden and slowly but surely become a hit, picking up millions of viewers and entering the Guinness Book of Records along the way.


The first significant arrival of Slow TV came on 29 November 2009 as 1.2 million Norwegians tuned into Bergensbanena, a seven hour train journey. It has been full steam ahead since that late autumn nig..


Celebrate with Semla

Posted By Transun on 02/10/2015

Everyday is a celebration with these traditional Semla buns

The Great British Bake Off finals are looming, who’s your favourite? Nadiya? Tamal? Ian? Personally here at Transun we’re backing Tamal. All of this baking is inspiring us to delve into the traditional bakes of one of our favourite desitnations: Sweden. Our favourite one that we’ve encountered is Semla, sweet wheat flour buns. These buns have a history as rich as their almond paste and whipped cream filling, they were traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday as a celebration before lent. They have evolved from a simpl..


Lapland for Grown-Ups

Posted By Transun on 16/09/2015


Don’t let the kids have all the fun…


Upon hearing the word ‘Lapland’ what appears before most people’s wondering eyes is a miniature sled, eight tiny reindeer, and their little old driver: the lively and quick Saint Nick.


Whilst Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and the man we’ve all come to affectionately call Santa Claus, are a central part of Lapland holidays, they are far from the whole story. Scratch the gingerbread-house surface and you’ll discover a land of peace, tranquillity, and adventure, a million miles away from th..


Making the most of the snow

Posted By Transun on 21/08/2015

As you can imagine there is a lot of snow in the glorious Lapland wilderness and sometimes you have to make your own fun with what's around you- and what's around you is snow! 


Here are some of our favourite winter activities which will be sure to keep people of all ages entertained:

Test your construction skills and build a snow fort,

Indulge your competitive edge and have a competition with the children to see who can build the best snowman/igloo/fort

Start a snowball fight with teams building barriers for protection

Treasure trail- using colourful item you ha..


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